Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Silke Eberhard Trio with Jan Roder and Kay Lübke - Being the Up and Down (May 21, 2021 Intakt Records)

"Being the Up And Down", Silke Eberhard’s new CD with her trio with Jan Roder on bass and Kay Lübke on drums was recorded both in the studio as well as at a live concert at the A-Trane in Berlin. This was the result of her winning the prestigious Berlin Jazz Prize, which affords the winner the honor of playing a concert and getting some recording days by Radio Berlin Brandenburg. Thus on this disc you hear a seamless blend of studio and live performances. The artwork on the cover, as on her previous Intakt release The Being Inn, is by Roman Signer, one of the most prestigious Swiss artists of today.

The American jazz critic Lynn René Bayley writes in the liner notes: "Yet whether being sensual or being edgy and experimental, there is so much to like and so much to hear in Silke Eberhard’s playing both solo and when interacting with this trio that one is held spellbound from first note to last. Small wonder that she has such a high reputation in the German jazz world!"

1. U11
2. Strudel
3. Von A Nach B
4. Laika’s Descent
5. Hymne
6. Zeitlupenbossa
7. Damenschrank
8. Stray Around
9. Yuki Neko

Silke Eberhard: Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Jan Roder: Bass
Kay Lübke: Drums

All compositions by Silke Eberhard (GEMA). Recorded August 13, 14, 2020, at Jazzclub A-Trane Berlin, Germany. Radio producer: Ulf Drechsel. Sound supervisor: Ralf-Peter Brinkmann. Recording engineer: Manuel Rieger. Digital cut and mastering: Benjamin Ihnow.
Cover art: Roman Signer, Installation. Kitfox Experimental, 2014. KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin.
Graphic design: Paul Bieri.
Liner notes: Lynn René Bayley.
Produced by Silke Eberhard and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt, Anja Illmaier, Florian Keller. Published by Intakt Records.