Monday, June 20, 2016

Corey Christiansen - Factory Girl (2016) ORIGIN RECORDS


“...Christiansen lights a rhythmic fire that never flickers, punctuating chords with precision and soloing with zeal...” - DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

After many years of crafting the music he loves in various genres, guitarist Corey Christiansen has found a home with the unique combination of jazz and traditional American music he's explored in his last several recordings. On Factory Girl, Corey has singled out the feminine side of American frontier music and remodeled simple tunes into rhythmic and harmonically subtle contemporary arrangements. As guitar great Andy Summers states in his liner notes: "Corey is at the frontier of American jazz guitar. In addition to a gorgeous jazz tone, he also employs edgy blues tones and biting slide guitar that would make Duane Allman sit up. Even on these antique pieces, Corey plays inside and outside of the harmonic structures with a natural and gifted ease. Maybe he has created a new genre here. Avant Folk, maybe? Whatever it is, this is a great album with stellar playing all round and a great pleasure for guitar fans."

"Well, it’s written and arranged, funded (through indiegogo.. thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and more) recorded, mixed, mastered and the artwork is done. Factory Girl is off the manufacturer. Really can’t wait to share (well, sell it anyway) this music with all of you. It’s my strongest work to date and with liner notes from one of my personal guitar heroes, Andy Summers, I’m excited to see the final result. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians including Zach Lapidus, Jeremy Allen, Matt Jorgensen and Michael Spiro, Facotry Girl is something I’m very proud of. I’ll post more about it later. Very happy this thing will be available soon". Corey Christiansen Website

She's Gone
Cluck O'l Hen
Factory Girl
That I Should Know Your Face
John Hardy
Old Joe Clark
One's Promised

Corey Christiansen: guitars
Zach Lapidus: keyboards, SuperCollider
Jeremy Allen: acoustic and electric bass
Matt Jorgensen: drums
Michael Spiro: percussion


06/28/16 Corey Christiansen in Park City, UT at Private Venue
07/08/16 Corey Christiansen in Indianapolis, IN at Jazz Kitchen
07/20/16 Corey Christiansen in Logan, UT at Logan Tabernacle
07/25/16 Corey Christiansen in Port Towsend, WA at Port Townsend Jazz Festival/Workshop
07/26/16 Corey Christiansen in Port Towsend, WA at Port Townsend Jazz Festival/Workshop