Monday, November 22, 2021

Magnus Munk Tækker - Bright Yellow Space (November 2021)

Bright Yellow Space is a record that begins with an early morning optimism and peacefulness. The atmosphere of a bird singing to you while the sun wakes you up on a shiny day of spring. Halfway through the narrative a night time melancholy falls upon the music, leading to a darker and more chaotic vibration that takes you all the way to the moon. The ending you’ll have to judge for yourself.

The album is a blend of compositions by Magnus Munk Tækker and a few excerpts of improvisations. I hope it will light up your day, fuel your creative potential and take you to your own Bright Yellow Space.

1. Hello, Sunshine 06:39
2. Helios 02:29
3. November 04:35
4. Sun Tour 04:09
5. On the Beach, Bill 04:34
6. Moonwalk 02:07
7. A Bridge to a Place 07:38
8. Fading Colours 02:31
9. A Meeting On the Moon 01:28
10. Cirrostratus 05:13
11. October Stars 04:52

Magnus Munk Tækker - el. gtr & santoor & pedal steel

The Solace Band
Andreas Birk Olesen - piano & wurlitzer
Søren Juul Christensen - upright bass
Sebastian Kinch - drums
Jacob Birkeland Steenstrup - trumpet og fluegelhorn

Photos by Gisli Dua
Mix & Master by Oliver Mønster Andersen
Cover-design by me & Gisli Dua