Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Shane Simpson - My Digital Wife (November 2021)

Shane Simpson is a pianist and keyboardist of jazz and experimental music. He lives in Brooklyn, NY where he teaches piano, composition, improvisation, music theory, ear training, and sight-singing.

1. Lunchtime 02:10
2. Josquin Remix 01:38
3. Shwrists 03:08
4. Into the Bitter Duration 03:57
5. Ice Tower Forest 02:12
6. Josquin Piano 02:39
7. Ghost of Gravy 03:40
8. Marcy 01:11
9. King Arthur 04:55

Shane Simpson, piano

All music by Shane Simpson except tracks 2 and 6 which come from an excerpt from Nymphes des Bois, written in 1497 by Josquin des Prez after the death of his teacher Johannes Ockeghem

Track 9 features a chord progression originally composed by Henry Purcell in 1691

All performances and production by pianist Shane Simpson

Cover Photo by Travis Bliss
Recorded on February 7, 2021 at Pulse Music in New York, NY
Engineered by Robin Buyer
Mixed by Shane Simpson and Jonathan Starks
Mastered by Jonathan Starks