Friday, June 11, 2021

Chuck Anderson - Angel Blue (June 11, 2021)

Angel Blue features an eclectic collection of jazz styles. Chuck has decided to take “A Tour of Jazz” rather than focus on one particular style. Having several Philadelphia “heavy weights” including Gerald Veasley on Bass and John Swana on Trumpet certainly propels this tour along the jazz topography.

All but the Eleanor Rigby Medley are Chuck’s compositions. The opening selection, Aqua Blue, is a melodious piece which features guitar, trumpet, sax and piano trading solos. Chuck opens with a relaxed solo with a very warm tone. Later, Swana skillfully shows his aural talents by repeating the five end notes of Kleiman’s piano solo to start his solo. _Bob Miles

1. Aqua Blue 04:27
2. Soft Breezes 06:07
3. Angel Blue 07:01
4. Piroutte 07:02
5. Street Strut 04:00
6. Flyin’ Free 05:37
7. Danielle 07:02
8. VSQ 03:26
9. Eleanor Rigby Medley 05:33
10. Dance of the Algons 07:24

Chuck Anderson - Guitar
Gerald Veasley - bass
Ronnie Barrage - drums
John Swanna - trumpet
Ron Kerber - sax
Dan Kleiman - piano