Friday, March 19, 2021

Mareille Merck Larus - Fadenschlag (March 2021 Mons Records)

Mareille Merck was born in 1996 in Stralsund (D) and lives in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied jazz guitar in Weimar (D), Lucerne (CH) and Zurich (CH) with Prof. Frank Möbus, Kalle Kalima, Lionel Loueke, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Roberto Bossard and others. Mareille is an acitve member of the swiss jazz scene – she is leader and composer of the band “Mareille Merck – LARUS” and also plays live on stage with various well known musicians. She shared the stage with famous musicians like John McLaughlin, Anne Paceo and Michael League, Bill Lawrence and Justin Stanton from Snarky Puppy.

Mareille Merck (guitar & composition), Florian Bolliger (double bass) and Janic Haller (drums) – three young musicians which are starting a journey together. Their baggage? Courage, adventurousness and risk appetite.

Their companions? Eventful compositions and lively improvisations. They combine complex harmonic and rhythmic structures with lyrical melodies and catchy musical motives.

With there way of playing together and being focused on dynamics the three musicians create atmosphere and space. Sometimes you feel hugged by warm sounds, nearly weightless, and then you find yourself in the middle of a hurricane where you don’t know what is up or down and the feeling of speed roars in your ears.

When you stagg back into silence the whispered dialogues of the instruments paint pictures of a magic world. Like „Larus“, the herring gull, flies above different landscapes, the three musicians take us with her music to a flight over crowded beaches, lonely islands, wide fields and rocky coasts.
Mareille Merck – guitar + composer
Florian Bolliger – double bass
Janic Haller – drums