Thursday, April 26, 2018

Phonograph Team Project - Peoples (2018)

This album will be Officially released April 27th. It's being released a week early on bandcamp! 

Peoples, the third album release from Phonograph Team Project is their strongest, most unique, engaging and captivating release yet! Incorporating elements of all the music they have individually been influenced by, “Peoples” is indeed a true collaboration. Phonograph Team Project has found their voice!.

1. Springer 05:03
2. Zeroing In 04:36
3. The Exit 06:02
4. 2:30 05:12
5. The Romance 07:12
6. Fine Time 04:45
7. Where Have I Been 06:49
8. Peoples 06:05
9. Bicycle 04:17

Mixed and Mastered by Don Kennedy (conceptDIGITAL)
Produced by Phonograph Team Project and Don Kennedy

Album artwork by Tommaso Monopoli.
Album Photo by Adam Krowitz on Unsplash.

“Phonograph Team Project” begun as a collaboration between Guitarist David Wright (California, US), Drummer Tommaso Monopoli (Rome, Italy) and Pianist Gianluca Grasso (Italy) who initially met online via a social networking site for musicians, they were later joined by Bassist Rob Glass (Vancouver BC, Canada) to round out the quartet.