Monday, March 5, 2018

L'Indécis - Playtime (CHILLHOP RECORDS 2018)

After a couple of promising releases and the very well received debut album "Plethoria", L'indécis is back for 2018 on Chillhop Records with a new EP "Playtime".

A relaxing and catchy release, for instrumental hiphop and jazz-fusion fans. A step ahead for the french beat-maker that you can enjoy now with a limited colored vinyl edition sublimated by the stunning artwork of his trusted partner Jeoffrey Magellan. 

The release comes as a 12" Colored Vinyl with an unreleased bonus track exclusively on vinyl.

1. Check It Out
2. Soulful
3. Blind
4. Le Sud
5. Crossing Borders
6. Rekindling
7. Playtime 03:14