Friday, March 25, 2022

Caio Afiune - Every Choice is an Act of Courage (March 25, 2022)

"The new recording by Caio Afiune shows all the talent and musicality of this young guitarist, composer and arranger. Caio is a legitimate hybrid - he combines, in perfect doses, the music of his native Brazil and that of Jazz. And he has a very original voice."
Luciana Souza, Brazilian Jazz Vocalist

1. Every Choice is an Act of Courage 08:50
2. I Remember You
3. Caravana
4. Precious
5. Returning
6. Tequila Sunrise / Stella on a Starry Night

Caio Afiune - Guitar and Compositions
Jessica Curran - Vocals on 4 and 5
Henrique Eisenmann - Piano
James Heazlewood-Dale - Bass on 2,4, and 5
Avery Logan - Drums
Nathan Reising - Alto Saxophone on 1,2,3,4, and 6
Max Ridley - Bass on 1,3, and 6

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Hayes
Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA