Sunday, February 21, 2021

SHIJIN - Theory Of Everything (Full Length) / (February 26, 2021 Alter-Nativ)

The performances by SHIJIN can thus be experienced as a practical application of the "Theory of Everything" in music.

Just like "The Theory of Everything", which is regarded as the Holy Grail of theories and consists of the reconciliation of infinitely large and small, the collegial musical creation by various musicians in different constellations is an exciting and complex principle.

SHIJIN offers 8 interactive pieces, which are first developed as duets, then completed by the other two musicians and finally put together into a complete format that is rarely used in jazz production: the "Concept Album", which combines electrical and acoustic music as well as improvisation and composition. Within this particular conceptual framework, even contemporary music and traditional jazz can be reconciled.

1. Mystery Of A White Dwarf
2. Unexpected Discovery
3. Golden Age
4. Implosion
5. Time Travel
6. Separating Circle
7. You Are Here
8. Curved Wrinkles

Laurent David : Electric Bass, Composition, Production
Stéphane Guillaume : Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Flutes, Bass Clarinet, Composition
Malcolm Braff : Piano, Rhodes, CP-70, Composition
Stéphane Galland : Drums, Composition