Thursday, June 28, 2018

Steve Swell's Kende Dreams - Hommage à Bartók (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

From John Corbett's liner notes: 

« Trombonist Steve Swell's approach to a Bartók homage on Kende Dreams is a synthesis and it advisably leaves the encounter with the Hungarian a relatively loose and oblique affair, with specific points of convergence but an end product that feels more like it was inspired by the composer than obliged to adopt his methods. The seven tracks are creative music pitched at the highest level; as is that music's unalienable right, it absorbs and transforms things that it comes into contact with. So, unlike Milhaud's attempts to quote or characterize jazz, this is jazz eating and fully digesting modern classical music, turning it into something else completely. » 

Chicago, April 2015

1. Roswellian Folk Song 07:57
2. For Will Connell Jr. 07:51
3. After SQ4 09:59
4. Attack of the Mikrokosmos 08:12
5. Bartók Screams 13:40
6. Lent-Oh! 14:09
7. Ultima 08:34

Rob Brown alto saxophone
Steve Swell trombone
Connie Crothers piano
William Parker bass
Chad Taylor drums