Monday, June 6, 2016

Bovet-Coleman Trio - It's Time to Go (2016)

Source & Label:
Genre: Modern Creative / Post-bop
GAB's Rating: ★★★★★

Over the last years, Cedric Bovet composed several nice jazz pieces. Cedric and his brother Lucien expressed a common wish to have them recorded someday, the challenge being to find a bass-player able to upgrade them in a trio formula. Ira Coleman gently accepted to join us for a recording session and a few concerts. Ira, a fantastic and creative bass-player who played with famous musicians as Herbie-Hancock, Tony Williams, Freddy Hubbard and Betty Carter during his career accepted the challenge to play Cedric’s music with us. After rehearsing some Cedric’s compositions it clearly appeared that some of them required a richer musical background to fully express their substance. We therefore asked our great friend and impressive trombonist Samuel Blaser and the young talented pianist Mathieu Scheuber to be part of the recording session for some pieces. Finally the alchemy between us turned out to be so effective that we recorded enough music for two CD’s, one in trio and the second in a quartet or quintet package. We hope that our musical and human experience will touch you as much as it filled us with positive sensations, peace and love.

 CD 1:
01. Lacustre 30:30
02. Serenade for a Black Moo04:19
03. Sangsue amoureuse 03:20
04. It's Time to Go 04:13
05. Esquisse 05:10
06. Senza Piu 05:42
07. Sans facon 03:34
08. Hongroiserie 05:51
09. Serenade for a Black Moon (2nd Version) 04:22

CD 2:
01. Etat de Choses 04:38
02. Point of No Return 03:25
03. Pierre avoi 04:02
04. Nardis 03:33
05. Jungle Blue 04:16
06. Pas sans monk 04:33
07. Few Miles Away 03:59
08. Etat De Choses (Live) 12:43

Cedric Bovet: tenor and soprano saxophones
Ira Coleman: acoustic bass
Lucien Bovet: drums
Samuel Blaser: trombone
Mathieu Scheuber: electric piano