Monday, April 3, 2017

Cettina Donato Quartet - Persistency (The New York Project) ALFA MUSIC 2017

You can do anything you set your mind to,
but it takes action, persistency and facing your fears.
This is the reason why I call my new work Persistency.
Nothing is impossible and we have no limits.
The only limit we have is ourselves.
Everything is set up for all of us.
We just have to believe in ourselves.
I hope you will enjoy the music on this album
because we put our love and heart in to make it.

Cettina Donato

1. The Sweetest Love 5’21
2. Take It Easy 6’09
3. Think About 6’20
4. Undecided minuet 6’35
5. Persistency 4’11
6. Lawns 4’30
7. Sing a song 5’56
8. Gershwin Dixit 12’06

Matt Garrison sax
Curtis Ostle double bass
Eliot Zigmund drums

Produced by Cettina Donato for AlfaMusic Label&Publishing
Production supervisor Fabrizio Salvatore
Cover photo Paolo Galletta
Studio photos Marzio Fulfaro
Graphic project Riccardo Gola
Recording Data

Recordings Systems Two Recording Studios - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Sound Engineer Max Ross
Assistent Andrew Cavaciuti

Mix and mastering AlfaMusic Studio – Rome, Italy
Sound engineer Alessandro Guardia