Monday, April 3, 2017

Andrea Bazzicalupo GREAT DEBATERS - Mattoni (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

The music consists of only original compositions, informed by a multitude of influences. Mattoni (bricks – in Italian), represent the essence, the foundations, as well as an idea, a choice, as the source of a concrete consecutive blossoming. Short scenarios or incandescent extended sound paths display a band essentially stretching out to beauty. Collective creation, taste for improvisation and melody, strong feelings feature the spirit of this debut Album.

1. Baz (Guitar) 1:20
2. Patéras 5:32
3. Mattoni 1:32
4. Full Of Wonder 8:54
5. Las Ilusiones 3:10
6. Days Of Erl 8:11
7. The Sacred Habits Of Marcus 1:13
8. D.O.C. 6:34
9. For The End Of A Night 8:29
10. Jazz-Marc (Mattoni) 0:57

Jean-Marc Baccarini - tenor, alto and sopranino saxophones
Pierre Marcus - doublebass
Jérôme Achat - drums, percussions