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Brad Whiteley - Presence (DESTINY RECORDS October 5, 2018)

For his sophomore album, pianist Brad Whiteley delivers Presence, a set of artfully textured originals tailormade for his top-flight band featuring Michael Eaton on tenor saxophone, Tom Guarna on guitar, bassist Matt Pavolka, and longtime drummer Kenneth Salters, who also played on Whiteley’s debut, Pathless Land. That album, an Editor’s Pick for DownBeat in June, 2014 in which critics dubbed Whiteley “an exciting young artist to watch” set the stage for the pianist as a composer and improvisor. Presence takes Whiteley’s artistry to a new level, demonstrating his ability to incorporate a world of influences into a warm, engaging whole, led by his hooked-filled writing and fluid pianism. The album is also somewhat of a Destiny Records family affair. Eaton, Guarna, and Salters have each released their own albums as leaders on the label, and Whiteley has filled the piano/keyboard chair on five Destiny albums aside from his own. Recorded at the world-renowned Avatar Studios (now the Power Station at BerkleeNYC) by Destiny’s own George Shalda, the outstanding musicianship of Presence shines with impeccable warmth and clarity.

Feeding Goats - Dreamtime (DESTINY RECORDS September 7, 2018)

Feeding Goats is the musical brainchild of Michael Hafftka (guitar) and Yonat Hafftka (theremin). Michael Hafftka is a well-known visual artist—his paintings are part of the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and others worldwide. The motivations and explorations that drive Hafftka's process as a painter are evident in his music. The long-form improvisation of Dreamtime, Feeding Goats’ seventh album and first for Destiny Records, is a perfect example of his creativity expressed through music.

Yonat Hafftka's theremin, sounding at times mystical and eerie, other times barking and percussive, is the perfect foil between the guitar textures of her husband, and of guest guitarist Cameron Mizell. Mizell brings his expertise with loopers and effects to create a wide palette of sounds for his fellow improvisors, who in turn present him with musical questions to answer and answers to question. In addition to his work with Feeding Goats, Hafftka composes music for his art installations and collaborations with other artists.

The next collaboration is with Vortice Dance Company in Portugal. Dreamtime was recorded and mixed by Yonat Hafftka at Feeding Goats Studio in Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Mike Shields in Austin, TX.

Michael Hafftka: Guitar
Yonat Hafftka: Theremin
Cameron Mizell: Guitar

Recorded March 6, 2018, in Brooklyn, NY

1. Thinning Separations
2. Soaked in Music
3. Of The Avant Garde
4. Not Creative
5. Creative
6. Time Was There
7. Time Wore Out
8. Time Will Last
9. Over Still Water
10. Speechless
11. Before The Almighty
12. Incomplete Moments

sum(titles) - Airless World (DESTINY RECORDS 2018)

Aeric Meredith-Goujon (bass, drums, vocals) and Cameron Mizell (guitar, effects), have collaborated as the musical backdrop for the Brooklyn-based experimental dance theater company ChristinaNoel & The Creature since 2015. Creating atmospheric textures and all variety of grooves for dancers provided the pair opportunities to improvise together as accompanists. As a separate musical entity, they create music under the moniker sum(titles), improvising within the parameters of their own curiosities. Meredith-Goujon’s layered beats and textures of electronic percussion, bass, and vocals form a foundation for Mizell’s strong melodic sensibilities and atmospheric adventures. Their debut album, Airless World, ventures from atonal improvisation to deep afrofunk grooves and instrumental hard rock. Gradual shifts in mood roam through sonic alien landscapes, finding familiar moments, like a forgotten dream that returns moments before waking. Recorded and mixed by Nolan Thies at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Mike Shields in Austin, TX.

1. Before Dawn 07:18
2. Awake 02:58
3. The Feel of Clay 04:14
4. Mind Goes Dark 01:17
5. Lifting Fog 02:04
6. Shedding Skin 02:27
7. Only Weightless 04:21
8. No Lines In Nature 06:25
9. Reflection 01:18
10. Turning Stones 06:24
11. Reduction 02:43
12. You Can't Go Home Again 05:58
13. Nectar 02:58
14. Pins 05:42
15. Source Code 02:22
16. Airless World 10:06

Aeric Meredith-Goujon - bass, drums, vocals, loops
Cameron Mizell - guitars, effects, loops

Ryan Griffith - Aspects & Iterations (2018)

Recorded and mixed live at Sound Park Studios Northcote, Melbourne.

Ryan Griffith - guitar
Kim Kelaart - hammond organ
Mark Elton - bass
Aaron McCullough - drums

All songs by Ryan Griffith except track 2, 5, & 7

1. Tsuruhashi 13:05 04:37
2. West Coast Blues 06:48
3. The Last Minute Waltz 03:09
4. Malard 03:56
5. Wisteria 05:02
6. Ain't Gonna Grind No More 07:37
7. But Beautiful 03:20

Carmela Rappazzo New CD “Howlin’ At The Moon” + Upcoming Live Appearances

Appearing Live


Oscar Rossignoli-piano, Jasen Weaver-bass, Gerald T. Watkins Jr.-drums, Steve Lands-trumpet plus guests

Friday, September 7th
The New Orleans Jazz Museum
400 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116

Friday, September 28th
Buffa’s Lounge
1001 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116


The quietly expressive singer teams up with New Orleans jazz musicians to introduce eight new songs plus an inventive revival of “Lullaby Of The Leaves.”

Carmela Rappazzo, a veteran jazz singer/songwriter, has experienced and observed a great deal about life during her periods living in New York, Los Angeles, New Mexico and New Orleans. She has the rare ability of being able to transform personal stories into memorable music. Howlin’ At The Moon, her sixth recording, pays tribute to her new adopted hometown of New Orleans, her friendship with the late Margaret Whitton (who inspired some of the songs), and her own episodic life which usually has had jazz as its soundtrack. On Howlin’ At The Moon, Ms. Rappazzo is joined by a swinging and supportive rhythm section (pianist Oscar Rossignoli, bassist Jasen Weaver, drummer Gerald T. Watkins Jr.), trumpeter Steve Lands, saxophonist Jeronne Amari Ansari and several guests, most notably Mahmoud Chouki on lutar during “State Of Grace.”

“Genie In A Bottle” introduces Carmela’s distinctive and playful voice in a story that asks if having a genie grant her wishes would result in having all of her problems solved and happiness taking over. Pete Snell guests and takes a quirky guitar solo that adds to the mood. “Keyhole” is a sensuous tale about seeing what happens behind closed doors while the dreamy atmosphere of “Haunted” relates the singer’s painful memories of a past love. “Howlin’ At The Moon,” a New Orleans parade tune with exuberant trombone from Mark McGrain, features the narrator cutting loose from the past, losing her inhibitions, and simply having a great time. “Rush Of Heat” is a swinger that states that having a strong physical attraction is not necessarily love. “State Of Grace,” a spiritual piece in memory of Margaret Whitton, very effectively features Chouki’s lutar and Ansari’s soprano.

“Lullaby Of The Leaves”, “Revenge”, a delicious tale of getting even with someone who did the singer wrong, and “Making My Way Back To You” (which has Carmela’s mellow vocal contrasting with the lyrics about a tumultuous journey) conclude the well-rounded and continually intriguing program. Born and raised in New York, Carmela Rappazzo heard classic music from an early age with her father and five uncles being swing musicians. She performed in off-off Broadway Theater and a few independent films before moving to Los Angeles. While in L.A. she worked with several notable film directors and also sang in local clubs with top jazz musicians. She made her recording debut with Black And White (a standards album with the Jon Mayer Trio) and Regarding Frank (a tribute to 1950s Frank Sinatra) with the legendary pianist Paul Smith. Carmela started writing songs, formed her own trio, and recorded mostly new songs on The Girl Who Dreams Out Loud. Her fourth album, Joseph City, mixed together fresh versions of standards with her own originals. During her period in New Mexico, Carmela acted in local theater productions and worked on the feature film A Bird Of The Air. Her 2013 CD Myths and Legends is comprised mostly of her songs about strong and difficult women, and love gone wrong.

A storyteller of picturesque tales and an appealing singer, Carmela Rappazzo is heard at her most creative and appealing on Howlin’ At The Moon, introducing memorable and personal songs that discuss topics that can be related to by a wide audience.

Oscar Rossignoli – piano
Jasen Weaver – bass
Gerald T. Watkins Jr.- drums
Steve Lands- trumpet
Jeronne Amari Ansari – sax
Mark McGrain – Trombone on ‘Keyhole’, ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’
Steve Glenn – Tuba ‘ Howlin’ At the Moon’
Mark Carroll and Paul Sanchez – backing vocals on ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’
Mahmoud Chouki – Lutar on ‘State of Grace’
Pete Snell – Guitar on ‘Genie In A Bottle’

1. Genie In A Bottle Carmela Rappazzo 4:00
2. Keyhole Carmela Rappazzo 4:13
3. Haunted Carmela Rappazzo 5:55
4. Howlin’ At The Moon Carmela Rappazzo 2:46
5. Rush Of Heat Carmela Rappazzo 4:14
6. State Of Grace Carmela Rappazzo 6:28
7. Lullaby Of The Leaves Joe Young/Bernice Petkere 4:22
8. Revenge Carmela Rappazzo 3:17
9. Making My Way Back To You Carmela Rappazzo 4:27

Available From: AmazonCDBabyiTunes

272 State Route 94 South #1
Warwick, NY 10990-3363
Ph: 845-986-1677 •
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Pianist Alberto Pibiri New CD and Upcoming Live Appearances

A superb young jazz pianist, Alberto Pibiri builds upon
the inspiration of Oscar Peterson on his new Jazz Legacy release.

Pibiri also emerges as an important new songwriter, debuting ten originals with his trio, Adrian Cunningham on reeds, and several guests including veteran singers Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton.

Alberto Pibiri is a very impressive up-and-coming jazz pianist and songwriter. His playing is inspired by Oscar Peterson (whose virtuosic style he can duplicate) but he also displays his own musical personality throughout Jazz Legacy along with a real skill for creating fresh new melodies.

On Jazz Legacy, Pibiri is featured in a trio with bassist Paul Gill and drummer Paul Wells that is sometimes expanded by the inclusion of the skilled tenor-saxophonist and clarinetist Adrian Cunningham. The great singers Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton perform together on “For Sure,” Ms. Jordan is featured on “Be Free,” and the soulful “Oh Yeah” has fine vocalizing from Miriam Waks along with a guitar solo by guest Dave Stryker.

The memorable program begins with “For Oscar,” a tribute to Oscar Peterson that sounds like the type of joyful song that the immortal pianist could have written. Pibiri shows what he learned from studying Peterson’s many recordings. “Walkin’” (no relation to the jazz standard) has a laid back and playful melody that inspires a fine solo from Cunningham on clarinet. The beautiful ballad “My Sunshine,” the catchy and likable “New Bossa” (with Cunningham on tenor) and the relaxed “A Blues” could each become standards in the future due to their strong themes and the excellent playing by the musicians.

The blazing tempo of “Kiss Kiss” is easily essayed by the quartet with impressive improvisations by clarinetist Cunningham and Pibiri. Sheila Jordan gives the ballad “Be Free” a heartfelt treatment and interacts happily with Jay Clayton on the scat-filled “For Sure.” “Oh Yeah,” which has lyrics and singing by Miriam Waks in addition to a fine spot for Dave Stryker, has Cunningham recalling Stanley Turrentinewith his soulful tenor playing. The impressive program concludes with the pianist all alone on “It’s Me,” swinging his way through another classic theme.

Alberto Pibiri was born and raised in Italy where he studied classical music and jazz. He was so inspired by the recordings of Oscar Peterson that in his early years his trio often featured Peterson’s music at concerts and festivals in Italy and France. He met Sheila Jordan at one of her workshops in France and she was so impressed with Pibirí’s musical talents that she not only became his main mentor but sponsored his artist visa so he could move and perform in the United States. 

Based in New York ever since, Piberi has worked with a variety of top musicians including Ms. Jordan, Dave Stryker, Harry Allen, Essiet Essiet and Les DeMerle. He made his recording debut as a leader with 2011’s NYC (in a quartet with Stryker) and recently toured Australia with Adrian Cunningham, recording Swing It Out for the Arbors label with Professor Cunningham And His Old School. In 2017 Pibiri, who has played at many jazz venues including Smalls, Fat Cat. Blue Note, Trumpets and Shanghai Jazz as both a leader and a sideman, performed at Carnegie Hall.

Jazz Legacy, which is being released by SRI, a label directed by the legendary Shelley Leibowitz, gives listeners the opportunity to hear Alberto Pibiri, a rapidly developing talent, early in his career, performing his memorable songs with top-notch players.


ADRIAN CUNNINGHAM: tenor saxophone & clarinet
DAVE STRYKER: guitar (track 9)
SHEILA JORDAN: vocal (tracks 7 & 8)
JAY CLAYTON: vocal (track 8)
MIRIAM WAKS: vocal (track 9)

Available From: •AmazoniTunes

Alberto Pibiri Upcoming Shows

Aug 22
Alberto Pibiri trio

Shanghai Jazz 7 -1030 pm  
1818 24 Main Street, Madison, NJ 07940 

Sep 16
Alberto Pibiri trio 

Long Beach Jazz Festival

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Newvelle Records releases Skúli Sverrisson & Bill Frisell's first duo outing

From Newvelle: We are enormously excited to be releasing the first ever colaboration between Icelandic bassist Skúli Sverrisson and iconic guitarist Bill Frisell.  It's hard to believe that they've never played together before, they sound like they were separated at birth...


"I almost feel like I didn’t even play on this record.  Compositionally, what Skúli brought is so amazing.  There wasn’t anything for me to do, everything was there already.  So natural for me to fall into–so effortless.  What Skúli chose to play and what he wrote–he built this structure that didn’t have anything blocking me but it was holding me up the whole time.  It feels like we’ve known each other longer that we have.  And it feels like the start of something." – Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell and Skúli Sverrisson   ©Jordan Kleinman

Newvelle records releases music exclusively on vinyl and in six record box sets. Members subscribe to a season and receive one record every two months over the course of a year. For more information visit:

Shipping now as part of our Third Season of releases.

"Newvelle Exemplifies the art of the LP"
– James Hale, DownBeat Magazine

Steve Cardenas is releasing a record dedicated to greats Charlie Haden and Paul Motian. Recording, with a quartet built of long-time collaborators of both titans Loren Stillman on sax, Thomas Morgan on bass and Matt Wilson on drums, all Charlie and Paul tunes, a couple of which have never been recorded. (February 2018)

The Chicagoan composer and saxophonist Andrew Zimmerman (previously featured on our first release, Frank Kimbrough’s “Meantime”) has put together a drumless quartet featuring pianist Kevin Hays (recording here on the same 9 foot Fazioli that Jack DeJohnette used), the bassist Matt Penman and the great Dave Douglas on trumpet. (April 2018)

Lionel Loueke is releasing his first ever album of standards featuring extraordinary accomplices Reuben Rogers on bass and Eric Harland on drums. (June 2018)

Skúli Sverrisson and Bill Frisell are releasing their first collaboration. All original music from Skúlli, much of it written for Bill. If you are familiar with Skúlli and Bill's music, you'll know what you're getting into, a record of uncommon depth and beauty. (August 2018)

Incredible Cuban drummer Francisco Mela (McCoy Tyner, Joe Lovano, John Scofield) is releasing an album of all original material with his working band featuring Kris Davis, Gerald Cannon and Hery Paz. (October 2018)

Boston based trumpeter Jason Palmer put together a band of his long time New York collaborators for a session of originals and original takes on standards with pianist Leo Genovese (previously featured on his own record on Newvelle), bassist Joe Martin and drummer Kendrick Scott. (December 2018)All of our cover and interior photographs for Season three come fare by Maciej Markowicz .  Original text by Ingrid Astier,  Our Recording Engineer on all six records is the incomparable multi-Grammy winning Marc Urselli.  Mastering engineer is the brilliant Alex Deturk .  Jim Hoppin and Sarah Enid Hagey shot lovely video for us at these sessions.  All video editing is by the award-winning Ben Chace.  Anna Yatskevich shoots all our studio photos. 

Bill Frisell and Skúli Sverrisson   ©Jordan Kleinman

Norwegian Bassist SIGURD HOLE Makes *NYC DEBUT* at ShapeShifter Lab :: Double Album Record Release Celebrations on 9.24 :: Solo & Trio Albums!

Elvesang is a quiet, introspective album where Hole's instrumental mastery always comes second to the music itself. An album of profound beauty.”
– John Kellman, All About Jazz (Elvesang, solo album)

“Drawing heavily on Norwegian folk traditions, Indian and Middle Eastern modes they forge an authentic, improvisational dialect which is at once both ancient and new. Finely textured, vividly coloured and rooted in no specific place or time, Encounters is a truly epicurean aural banquet.”
– Fred Grand, Jazz Journal (UK) (Encounters, trio album)


7pm set:
Sigurd Hole - double bass

7:45pm set:
Sigurd Hole - double bass
Håkon Aase - violin
Jarle Vespestad - drums

18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn NY 11215



Critically acclaimed Norwegian bassist/composer Sigurd Hole makes his NYC debut with the recent release of his solo double bass album, Elvesang, and his trio album, Encounters (with Jarle Vespestad – drums & Håkon Aase – violin), at Shapeshifter Lab on September 24th. He will present both projects in a double bill with Sigurd Hole solo double bass at 7pm and at 7:45pm with his Trio featuring Sigurd Hole - double bass; Håkon Aase – violin; Jarle Vespestad – drums. ShapeShifter Lab is located at 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Sigurd Hole has been one of Norway´s most in demand musicians for the past decade. Being part of Tord Gustavsens trio/quartet, Karl Seglem acoustic quartet, Eple Trio and Jon Eberson Group, as well as a frequent collaborator with amongst others Terje Isungset, Trygve Seim, Bugge Wesseltoft, Helge Lien and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, he has toured extensively worldwide been a vital part of more than 35 album releases as bass player, composer and arranger.

“I believe music can be found almost anywhere, in any sound, if we really listen. And this conscious act of listening might be one of the most vital human faculties to help us overcome the different challenges of today. It is my hope that the practice of listening consciously to music, with an open mind and keen ears, may inspire us to listen more carefully to all our surroundings: to each other, to nature, and to ourselves,” says Sigurd in the liner notes of Elvesang. Inspired by a Rumi poem, Sigurd attests “Maybe, if we listen deeply enough, we will hear the echo of a quiet, bright reedsong.”

All day and night, music, a quiet, bright
reedsong. If it
fades, we fade.

- Rumi
(trans. Coleman Barks)

2018 started out with the release of his solo double bass album Elvesang – his first outing as a solo artist. Recorded in an old wooden church in Rendalen, Norway, Elvesang embraces silence and meditative qualities in music, giving it what has been described like a zen-like tranquility. The album received great reviews in both Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan, and was listed under the Recommended new releases section of The New York City Jazz Record in both March and April issues.

As a bassist, Sigurd Hole represents an innovative and creative approach to his instrument, strongly influenced by elements from Norwegian folk music. This influence is evident both on Elvesang and his more recent trio album Encounters. The latter also contains elements of Indian and Middle Eastern traditional music. Throughout all times music has travelled around the world, developing and changing in meeting different cultures and people. Influenced by the trio members own travels and their own encounters with music from different places, Sigurd Hole Trio represents an unique mix of eastern and western musical traditions described by listeners as a "beautiful, magical and otherworldly experience". 

Sigurd Hole Trio includes Tord Gustavsen’s long-term drummer Jarle Vespestad amongst its ranks, the third member being young violinist Håkon Aase. Aase, despite his young age, has already partaken in several album releases on the renowned German label ECM as a member Mathias Eicks band and Thomas Strønen´s “Time is a blind guide”.

In addition to his own album releases in 2018, Sigurd Hole makes his first ECM appearance  as part of Tord Gustavsen´s new trio on their upcoming album “The other side” (due September 1st). They will perform at Jazz at Lincoln Center September 25th.



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Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 1) 2018

The complete compositions of Thelonious Monk on solo guitar, in six volumes. This is the first time the complete Monk songbook has been recorded on a single solo instrument.

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. Locomotive 03:50
2. Brilliant Corners 03:23
3. Gallop's Gallop 04:02
4. Light Blue 02:21
5. Evidence 04:21
6. Crepuscule with Nellie 02:47
7. San Francisco Holiday 03:37
8. Monk's Point 02:50
9. Shuffle Boil 04:00
10. Jackie-ing 03:20
11. Criss Cross 03:12
12. Introspection 05:20
13. Functional 03:27

Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 2) 2018

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. We See 03:01
2. Sixteen 02:48
3. Misterioso 02:04
4. Humph 02:35
5. Teo 03:48
6. Hornin' In 04:07
7. Raise Four 01:42
8. Skippy 04:03
9. Pannonica 03:24
10. Think of One 05:37
11. Well You Needn't 08:43
12. Bolivar Blues 06:15

Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 3) 2018

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. Monk's Dream 04:09
2. Little Rootie Tootie 03:51
3. Eronel 03:32
4. Thelonious 02:40
5. Ruby, My Dear 05:15
6. Four in One 05:39
7. Blue Hawk 02:19
8. Stuffy Turkey 02:16
9. A Merrier Christmas 02:07
10. Played Twice 02:45
11. Bemsha Swing 07:12
12. Blues Five Spot 04:01

Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 4) 2018

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. Bye-Ya 04:11
2. Who Knows 03:40
3. Green Chimneys 05:14
4. Blue Sphere 04:58
5. Ugly Beauty 02:59
6. Oska T. 04:58
7. Hackensack 02:38
8. Ask Me Now 05:19
9. I Mean You 05:15
10. 52nd Street Theme 04:27
11. Something in Blue 04:20

Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 5) 2018

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. Nutty 04:29
2. Off Minor 03:58
3. Two Timer 04:36
4. In Walked Bud 04:12
5. Monk's Mood 06:05
6. Let's Call This 04:37
7. Let's Cool One 06:05
8. Children's Song 03:33
9. Boo Boo's Birthday 02:24
10. Rhythm-a-ning 03:28
11. North of the Sunset 04:11

Miles Okazaki - Work (Volume 6) 2018

Miles Okazaki, guitar

1. Epistrophy 02:29
2. Coming on the Hudson 02:49
3. Bright Mississippi 02:06
4. Trinkle, Tinkle 02:56
5. Reflections 05:49
6. Brake's Sake 04:21
7. Straight, No Chaser 02:54
8. Friday the 13th 04:45
9. 'Round Midnight 05:10
10. Work 08:55
11. Blue Monk 05:06

Uncivilized - Uncivilized Plays Peaks (2018)

1. The Theme / Rouge STOMP / Good King Wenceslas / The Theme Returns 10:48
3. Yellow Rose STOMP 01:39
4. Just Friends 03:15
5. Pink Room 04:33
6. Lullaby STOMP 02:13
7. Laura Palmer's Theme 02:10
8. Audrey's Theme 04:48
9. Triple Drop STOMP 03:55
10. Django 01:15
11. Races Are Run ft. Ivy Meissner 04:13
12. Laura Palmer's Theme (Reprise) 02:46
13. The Nightingale ft. Ivy Meissner & Levon Henry 05:52
14. Shelby ft. Uncivilized 05:19
15. Pale Rider 04:50
16. Questions in a World of Blue ft. Ivy Meissner 04:40
17. Old Gold STOMP 01:35

"The Theme" by Badalamenti/Lynch.
"Good King Wenceslas" - Traditional.
"Just Friends" by J.Klenner/S.Lewis.
"Pink Room" by David Lynch.
"Laura's Theme" by Badalamenti/Lynch.
"Audrey's Theme" by Badalamenti/Lynch.
"Django" by John Lewis.
"Races are Run" by Stephanie Nicks.
"Shelby" by Ivy Meissner (arr. Tom Csatari/Uncivilized).
"The Nightingale" by Badalamenti/Lynch.
"Questions in a World of Blue" by Badalamenti/Lynch.

All else composed by Tom Csatari for UNCIV MUSIC (Ascap).