Monday, May 29, 2017

Andy Summers - Triboluminescence (2017)

Reviews for Triboluminescence, the new release from Andy Summers, are glowing! Release date is March 24th.

“The album has a much more ambient reflection than his past releases as SUMMERS keeps the music fresh with multi-layered instrumentation and rhythms that provide the perfect backdrop for his guitar work.” –Jim Pasinski, Record-Journal (CT); March 20, 2017

“…masterpiece of an album…After all these years, world-renowned musician ANDY SUMMERS continues to stay one step ahead of the game by continuing to evolve his craft as a musician. If you want to learn more about ANDY SUMMERS, look no further than this album. If you need moments of solitude and reflection, along with moments of eroticism and seduction, look no further than TRIBOLUMINESCENCE by ANDY SUMMERS. The painter has successfully completed yet another masterpiece.” –Matty Douglas,, March 17, 2017

“Overall, Andy Summers delivers on his TRIBOLUMINESCENCE collection. All nine tracks are guitar masterpieces, and his guitar tones are rich and compelling. It is evident that this album was a labor of love for him. TRIBOLUMINESCENCE garners an A rating.” –Markos Papadatos,, March 22, 2017

“… terrific new solo album…” –Peter Larsen, Orange County Register (CA), March 22, 2017

If Anything
Elephant Bird
Haunted Dolls
Pukul Bunye Bunye
Garden of the Sea
Sam and Janet
Help from Jupiter
Sweet Milk

Andy Summers guitar, bass, drums, psaltery,
latva, banjo, percussion, keyboards
Artyom Manukyan cello – Garden of the Sea
Engineered and Mixed by Dennis Smith
Produced by Andy Summers and Dennis Smith
at Moving Target, Venice, California
February – September 2016
All music by Andy Summers except
Garden of the Sea by Summers/Manukyan
Photography by Mo Summers
Design by Andrew Behla
Special thanks to Mike Dubin
for sound advice on drums
A Flickering Shadow Production
Reve a Deux Music, BMI
Administered by Modern Works Music Publishing
©2017 Andy Summers, All Rights Reserved