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Cory Smythe & Peter Evans - Weatherbird (2018)

A program of duets for trumpet and piano building from the historic duo of Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines of the song "Weatherbird". Conceived in 2014 and 15 as the fulfillment of a commission from the International Contemporary Ensemble, this album was recorded at the home of Randy Ezratty and Jo Ann Corkran in September of 2015. It documents a live concert with some of the music recorded the day before in preparation.

Cory Smythe - piano, compositions 
Peter Evans - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, compositions 

1. Weatherbird 03:25
2. Weatherbird Wave 05:53
3. Bsntbls 05:35
4. Weatherbirdhouse 03:04
5. Bls 07:21
6. Weatherbird 04:17

Weatherbird composed by Louis Armstrong 
Weatherbird Wave and Weatherbirdhouse composed by Cory Smythe 
Bsntbls and Bls composed by Peter Evans 

Recorded September 12 & 13 2015 
at the home of Randy Ezratty & Jo Ann Corkran 
Recorded by William Stanton 
Mixed by Ryan Streber

The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Associated Ensembles (Box Set) ECM November 2018

“The Art Ensemble of Chicago is alone in jazz history for reaching back conceptually to long before there ever was anything called jazz and moving toward a future beyond category.”
- Nat Hentoff

THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO AND ASSOCIATED ENSEMBLES is a 21-CD limited and numbered edition issued as the standard-bearers of Great Black Music prepare to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Both the Art Ensemble of Chicago and ECM Records were founded in 1969, and there have been many shared experiences. As Roscoe Mitchell says, “It has been amazing to have taken this journey together.”

With their first ECM album, the widely-acclaimed Nice Guys, the Art Ensemble’s revolutionary and polystylistic “ancient to the future” mix of musics - from the deeply spiritual to the fiercely experimental - was illuminated in new detail in Manfred Eicher’s panoramic production, and the stage set for many adventures to follow. These included the albums Full Force, Urban Bushmen, and The Third Decade with the classic AEC quintet line up of Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors Maghostut and Famoudou Don Moye. All of Bowie’s and Mitchell’s subsequent ECM recordings are also gathered together here. Charismatic trumpeter Lester Bowie is heard here with his Brass Fantasy group, with Wadada Leo Smith and with Jack DeJohnette. Multi-reed master and primary AEC conceptualist Roscoe Mitchell appears with his Note Factory band, with the Transatlantic Art Ensemble co-founded with Evan Parker, and with an historic trios project recorded at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Along the way, numerous distinguished creative musicians make appearances – the long list includes Muhal Richard Abrams, Henry Threadgill, Craig Taborn, Vijay Iyer, Matthew Shipp, Tyshawn Sorey, Fontella Bass, Charlie Haden, Kenny Wheeler, Corey Wilkes, Gerald Cleaver, Phillip Wilson, George Lewis, William Parker, John Abercrombie, Eddie Gomez, and many others, in ECM recordings made between 1978 and 2015.

This beautifully-designed box set incorporates a 300-page book reprising all original album covers, liner notes and poetry (by Joseph Jarman), as well as quotes from Art Ensemble members and the press, new texts by Craig Taborn, Vijay Iyer and George Lewis, a preface by Manfred Eicher, and an introduction by Steve Lake. Plus: many photographs (some previously unpublished), archival documents, and more.

CD 1
1 Ja 08:39
2 Nice Guys 01:41
3 Folkus 10:59
4 5 9 7 - 5 9 06:43
5 Cyp 04:49
6 Dreaming Of The Master 11:40

CD 2
1 Magg Zelma 19:50
2 Care Free 00:46
3 Charlie M 09:17
4 Old Time Southside Street Dance 05:11
5 Full Force

CD 3
1 Promenade: Cote Bamako I 04:11
2 Bush Magic 05:05
3 Urban Magic: March / Warm Night Blues Stroll / Down the Walkway / RM Express 15:39
4 Sun Precondition Two / Theme For Sco: Soweto Messenger / Bushman Triumphant / Entering the City / Announcement of Victory 21:53

CD 4
1 New York Is Full Of Lonely People 07:37
2 Ancestral Meditation 06:56
3 Uncle 17:29
4 Peter And Judith 02:39
5 Promenade: Cote Bamako II 05:57
6 Odwalla/Theme 05:14

CD 5
1 Prayer For Jimbo Kwesi 09:47
2 Funky AECO 07:39
3 Walking In The Moonlight 04:07
4 The Bell Piece 06:02
5 Zero 05:55
6 Third Decade 08:19

CD 6
1 Divine Love 21:47
2 Tastalun (dedicated to Lester Bowie) 06:39
3 Spirituals: The Language Of Love 15:28

CD 7
1 The Great Pretender 16:50
2 It's Howdy Doody Time 02:07
3 When The Doom (Moon) Comes Over The Mountain: a) Doom? b) When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain 03:38
4 Rios Negros 07:15
5 Rose Drop 07:25
6 Oh, How The Ghost Sings 05:50

CD 8
1 For Louie 12:14
2 Spacehead 06:47
3 Ghosts 03:09
4 All The Magic!/Everything Must Change/T. Jam Blues 15:51
5 Let The Good Times Roll 06:47

CD 9
1 Organic Echo 03:18
2 Dunce Dance 02:05
3 Charlie M. (Part II) 02:51
4 Thirsty? 03:31
5 Almost Christmas 04:52
6 Down Home 02:40
7 Okra Influence 04:39
8 Miles Davis Meets Donald Duck 01:38
9 Deb Deb's Face 02:05
10 Monkey Waltz 01:35
11 Fradulent Fanfare 01:01
12 Organic Echo (Part II) 05:31

CD 10
1 I Only Have Eyes For You 10:26
2 Think 01:35
3 Lament 13:47
4 Coming Back, Jamaica 05:14
5 Nonet 14:25
6 When The Spirit Returns 07:44

CD 11
1 The Emperor 10:09
2 Saving All My Love For You 05:06
3 B Funk 03:48
4 Blueberry Hill 05:24
5 Crazy 05:23
6 Macho (Dedicated To Machito) 06:16
7 No Shit 05:11
8 Oh, What A Night 05:33

CD 12
1 Sangaredi 07:42
2 Suite for Lester 05:22
3 Zero / Alternate Line 09:16
4 Tutankhamun 08:10
5 As Clear as the Sun 12:41
6 He Speaks to Me Often in Dreams 13:52

CD 13
1 Leola 09:35
2 Dream And Response 05:35
3 For Lester B 06:07
4 Jamaican Farewell 05:45
5 Hop Hip Bip Bir Rip 05:59
6 Nine To Get Ready 03:52
7 Bessie Harris 06:47
8 Fallen Heroes 06:33
9 Move Toward The Light 03:24
10 Big Red Peaches 02:03

CD 14
1 I 13:36
2 II 04:07
3 III 18:34
4 IV 05:42
5 V 03:54
6 VI 03:17
7 VII 09:12
8 VIII 14:48
9 IX 05:58

CD 15
1 Overture 01:21
2 Furrow 1 08:09
3 Furrow 2 05:46
4 Furrow 3 11:07
5 Furrow 4 05:21
6 Furrow 5 08:20
7 Furrow 6 12:52
8 Finale 06:19

CD 16
1 Far Side / Cards / Far Side 30:56
2 Quintet 2007 A For Eight 09:56
3 Trio Four For Eight 12:37
4 Ex Flover Five 12:24

CD 17
1 Spatial Aspects of the Sound 12:14
2 Panoply 07:36
3 Prelude to a Rose 12:44
4 Dancing in the Canyon 10:23
5 EP 7849 08:13
6 Bells for the South Side 12:35

CD 18
1 Prelude to the Card Game, Cards for Drums, and The Final Hand 16:03
2 The Last Chord 12:26
3 Six Gongs and Two Woodblocks 07:50
4 R509A Twenty B 01:34
5 Red Moon In The Sky / Odwalla 25:49

CD 19
1 Bayou Fever 08:40
2 Where Or Wayne 12:25
3 Dream Stalker 05:55
4 One Handed Woman 10:49
5 Silver Hollow 08:24

CD 20
1 Salsa For Eddie G. 16:05
2 Where Or Wayne 12:29
3 Bayou Fever 18:24
4 Multo Spiliagio 09:33

CD 21
1 Chant 16:56
2 Jack 5 14:53
3 This 12:13
4 Museum of Time 13:37
5 Leave Don't Go Away 10:19
6 Announcement 03:28
7 Ten Minutes 06:09

Florian Weber / Ralph Alessi / Linda May Han Oh / Nasheet Waits - Lucent Waters (ECM November 2018)

In his second ECM appearance (following a critically-acclaimed duo recording with Markus Stockhausen) pianist Florian Weber leads a strong cast through a programme of his compositions and sketches.  Whether paying tribute to mentor Lee Konitz on “Honestlee”, impressionistically conveying the glittering “Melody of a Waterfall” or generating impactful drama out of fragments of sound on “Butterfly Effect”, Weber continually draws fresh responses from his players.  “I wanted this project to be as open as possible”, he says. “It’s the idea of exploration that is important here, and the differences between the players.” The strong, grounded bass of Linda May Han Oh contrasts strikingly with Nasheet Waits’s fleet, fluid drumming, setting up new contexts for Ralph Alessi’s elegantly inventive trumpet and the leader’s highly creative piano playing.  Lucent Waters was recorded at Studios La Buissonne in the South of France in September 2017, and produced by Manfred Eicher.

Florian Weber   Piano
Ralph Alessi   Trumpet
Linda May Han Oh   Double Bass
Nasheet Waits   Drums

1 BRILLIANT WATERS (Florian Weber) 02:07
2 MELODY OF A WATERFALL (Florian Weber) 03:02
3 FROM COUSTEAU'S POINT OF VIEW (Florian Weber) 05:37
4 HONESTLEE (Florian Weber) 07:30
5 BUTTERFLY EFFECT (Florian Weber) 07:49
6 TIME HORIZON (Florian Weber) 04:01
7 FRAGILE COCOON (Florian Weber) 06:11
8 SCHIMMELREITER (Florian Weber) 06:01

Till Fellner - In Concert - Beethoven / Liszt (ECM November 2018)

Speaking to the New York Times in 2007, Alfred Brendel said of fellow pianist Till Fellner: “It has impressed me how ambitiously he has developed his repertory, being equally at home in solo and concerto repertoire, chamber music and lieder… I heard him do the best live performance of Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage”.  Fellner’s insightful playing of the Premiere année from that collection of suites, underlines the contention, vividly conveying Franz Liszt’s literal and imaginative journeys. “Having recently travelled to many new countries,” wrote the composer in 1855, “through different settings and places consecrated by history and poetry, and having felt that the phenomena of nature and their attendant sights stirred deep emotions in my soul, I have tried to portray in music a few of my strongest sensations and most lively impressions”.   Fellner’s account of Liszt was recorded at the Musikvereien in Vienna in 2002.  It is paired here with a concert recording of Beethoven’s Sonata No 32, recorded at the Mahaney Center for the Arts in Middlebury, Vermont in 2010, the year in which ECM released  Fellner’s  interpretation of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos Nos 4 and 5 to a chorus of critical acclaim.

Till Fellner   Piano

1 Chapelle de Guillaume Tell 05:43
2 Au lac de Wallenstadt 03:20
3 Pastorale 01:32
4 Au bord d'une source 03:51
5 Orage 04:17
6 Vallée d'Obermann 13:08
7 Églogue 03:17
8 Le mal du pays 05:33
9 Les cloches de Genève 06:21
10 Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato 09:09
11 Arietta. Adagio molto semplice e cantabile 19:17

Andrew Cyrille / Wadada Leo Smith / Bill Frisell - Lebroba (ECM November 2018)

Andrew Cyrille’s title Lebroba is a contraction of Leland, Brooklyn and Baltimore, birthplaces of the protagonists of an album bringing together three of creative music’s independent thinkers.  Each of them made his first ECM appearance long ago: drummer Andrew Cyrille on Marion Brown’s Afternoon of a Georgia Faun (1970), trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith on his own classic Divine Love (1978), and guitarist Bill Frisell on Eberhard Weber’s Fluid Rustle (1979); these are, of course, players of enduring influence.  Frisell contributed to Cyrille’s previous ECM disc The Declaration of Musical Independence, but Lebroba marks a first-time meeting for the guitarist and Wadada Leo Smith.  A generous leader, Cyrille gives plenty of room to his cohorts, and all three musicians bring in compositions, with “Turiya”, Wadada’s elegant dedication to Alice Coltrane, unfurling slowly over its 17-minute duration.  In his own pieces, including the title track and the closing “Pretty Beauty”, Cyrille rarely puts the focus on the drums, preferring to play melodically and interactively, sensitive to pitch and to space.  There are references to West African music and the blues as well as the history of jazz drumming, but Cyrille’s  priority today is an elliptical style in which meter is  implied rather than stated.

Andrew Cyrille   Drums
Wadada Leo Smith   Trumpet
Bill Frisell   Guitar

1 WORRIED WOMAN (Bill Frisell) 07:35
3 LEBROBA (Andrew Cyrille) 05:44
4 TGD (Andrew Cyrille, Bill Frisell, Wadada Leo Smith) 05:17
5 PRETTY BEAUTY (Andrew Cyrille) 06:24

Anja Lechner / Pablo Márquez - Die Nacht (ECM November 2018)

German cellist Anja Lechner and Argentinean guitarist Pablo Márquez met in 2003 and have since explored the most diverse repertoire and modes of expression in their concerts. For their first duo album, a conceptual context is provided by the strong tradition of songs with guitar accompaniment prevalent in 19th century Vienna, as Lechner and Márquez play some of Schubert’s most beloved songs (including Die Nacht, Nacht und Träume and Der Leiermann), elegantly framing the album’s centrepiece: Schubert’s expansive ‘Arpeggione’ sonata. Many of Schubert’s songs were published in alternative versions with guitar during the composer’s lifetime; in some cases, the guitar version appeared even before the one for piano. Interspersed on the recording, as an echo and commentary to Schubert’s spirit and language, are the graceful Trois Nocturnes originally written for cello and guitar by Friedrich Burgmüller (1806-1874).  Die Nacht is issued as Lechner and Márquez embark on a European tour with concerts in Germany, Austria, France, Hungary and Romania.

(Friedrich Burgmüller)

2 NACHT UND TRÄUME, D 827 02:46
(Franz Schubert)

(Friedrich Burgmüller)

(Franz Schubert) 02:23

5 Der Leiermann 03:58

6 Allegro moderato 12:45
7 Adagio 04:05
8 Allegretto 09:39

9 FISCHERWEISE, D 881 02:23
(Franz Schubert)

10 MEERES STILLE, D 216 00:07 - 02:01
(Franz Schubert)

(Friedrich Burgmüller)

12 Romanze 02:31

(Friedrich Burgmüller)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

JONES JONES: Larry Ochs / Mark Dresser / Vladimir Tarasov - A Jones In Time Saves Nine (NO BUSINESS RECORDS November 2018)

Larry Ochs – tenor and sopranino saxophones
Mark Dresser - bass
Vladimir Tarasov - drums and percussion

1. A Fistful Of Jone
2. Twelve Angry Jones
3. The Jones Who Knew Too Much
4. Three Jones Outside Ebbing, Missouri
5. Night Of The Living Jones (digital only)
6. The Jones Who Never Was (digital only)
7. Gone With The Jones (digital only)

All compositions created collectively by Mark Dresser (Del Dresser Music/ASCAP), Larry Ochs (Trobar/ASCAP/BMG) and Vladimir Tarasov (LATGAA)

Tracks Twelve Angry Jones and Three Jones Outside Ebbing, Missouri recorded live by Art Granoff in Berkeley, California, at the home of Harry Bernstein and Caren Meghreblian on May 28th, 2016

Other tracks recorded live by Tim Pinch in San Diego, California, at The Loft on May 24th, 2016

Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios

Martin Küchen / Rafal Mazur - Baza (NO BUSINESS RECORDS November 2018)

Martin Küchen - sopranino and alto saxophones 
Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar

1. BAZA 1 23:15
2. BAZA 1 (CONTINUES) 09:04
3. BAZA 2 11:11

All compositions by Martin Küchen (STIM/NCB) and Rafał Mazur 
Tracks on this release are in chronological order of the recording session 
Recorded live on March 6th, 2017 at BAZA Club, Krakow, Poland by Rafał Driewniany 

Mixed by Rafał Driewniany / DTSSTUDIO.PL 
Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios 
Rafał Mazur plays acoustic bass guitar built by Jerzy Wysocki 
Cover - Karol Suchanek, Workers’ Bath-House at Wiegerska Gorka, Ironworks, Poland, 1930s, glass plate photography / Courtesy of the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow 
Design by Marcin Barski

Marion Brown / Dave Burrell - Live at the Black Musicians' Conference, 1981 (NO BUSINESS RECORDS November 2018)

Marion Brown - alto saxophone
Dave Burrell - piano

1. Gossip / Fortunado 17:57
2. La Placita 8:36
3. My Little Brown Book 6:19
4. Punaluu Peter 16:08
5. Pua Mae ’Ole 5:33
6. Crucifacado 10:22
7. Lush Life 10:13

Recorded at the Black Musicians’ Conference, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts, 10th April, 1981 

Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios 
Booklet layout by Jeff DiPerna 
Cover design by Oskaras Anosovas 
Liner notes by Ed Hazell 

Bobby Bradford / Hafez Modirzadeh / Roberto Miguel Miranda / Vijay Anderson - Live at the Blue Whale (NO BUSINESS RECORDS November 2018)

Bobby Bradford - cornet
Hafez Modirzadeh - soprano saxophone, karna and khaen (on RAPHAEL only)
Roberto Miguel Miranda - bass
Vijay Anderson - drums

1. RAPHAEL 12:19
2. FREE THE IDEA 06:50
3. LUNATIQUE 02:47

Composition FREE THE IDEA is variations on Ornette Coleman Theme
Recorded live on 15th January, 2017 at the Blue Whale, Los Angeles
Recorded, edited and mixed by

Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
Design by Oskaras Anosovas
Diagram by Hafez Modirzadeh
Produced by Hafez Modirzadeh

Howard Riley - Live in the USA (NO BUSINESS RECORDS November 2018)

Track 1 recorded on the 28th October, 1976 at Free Music Store, New York City
Track 2 recorded on the 18th November, 1976 in Amherst, New York City
Track 3 and 4 recorded on the 29th November, 1976 in Buffalo, New York

Tape restoration and transfer (tracks 2-4) by Will Prentice
Tape transfer (track 1) by Paul Wilson
Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
Design by Oskaras Anosovas

1. Blocks 25:24
2. Big City 21:21
3. Flower Street 13:09
4. Tolerance 14:16

Simon Nabatov / Barry Guy / Gerry Hemingway - Luminous (NO BUSINESS RECORDS 2018)

Simon Nabatov - piano
Barry Guy - double bass
Gerry Hemingway - drums, marimba

1. Slip Away 06:51
2. Basket Glide 06:33
3. Vacant Prophecy 06:24
4. Tolerance 05:58
5. Forty Days 04:03
6. Shards Examined 02:52
7. Great Disparity 09:15
8. Scroll Back 06:45
9. Luminous 02:29
10. Scattered Together 04:26
11. Soothing Mirage 05:28
12. Unfrozen Sorrow 08:52

All music by Simon Nabatov (GEMA), Barry Guy (PRS, MCPS, PPL) and Gerry Hemingway (Nagual Music BMI/GEMA) 
Recorded live in LOFT, Cologne, Germany on 30-31st October, 2015 by Christian Heck 

Mixed by Gerry Hemingway
Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
Cover art by Oguz Buyukberber
Photos by Bernd Wendt / Photo of Gerry Hemingway by Peter Tümmers
Liner notes by Stuart Broomer
Design by Oskaras Anosovas

Alexander Schlippenbach / Aki Takase - Live at Café Amores (NO BUSINESS RECORDS 2018)

Alexander von Schlippenbach turned 80 this year. A pioneer and leading light of European free improvisation, at the age of 28 he founded the Globe Unity Orchestra, and in 1988 he founded the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. These two fiercely improvising big bands have over the years included, among others, Willem Breuker, Paul Lovens, Misha Mengelberg, Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler and Schlippenbach's wife Aki Takase. 

Aki Takase – 10 years younger – is a highly successful pianist in her own right and has worked with Lester Bowie, Sheila Jordan, David Liebman, and John Zorn, most recently delivering a fine duo album with David Murray called Cherry-Sakura. 

In many ways this album of piano duets, recorded live in Japan, typifies the best of the European improv scene. It has long, thoughtful intricate tracks, loud dissonant passages, periods of pure noise – but it can be witty and playful as well. And it never strays too far from the tradition for long. Tunes from Mingus, Monk, Frank Zappa, and a delightful version of Lulu's Back in Town all have their place. 

However, you need to be aware that the vinyl LP is rather different to the CD and download. The opening and closing tracks of the CD, between them running for around 30 minutes, form one side of the vinyl, and might be classed as “conventional” improv. Some splendid percussive playing on the first, and use of prepared piano to create a more minimalist noise-based sound on the last. Side B of the vinyl has two more long tracks: the first is a set of tunes mixed up from Mingus by Takase, and the second has another improvisation based on a composition by Schlippenbach. 

The CD then has some excellent additional tracks not available on vinyl. These are a mixture of other people's compositions. Anyone familiar with Schlippenbach's work won't be surprised to learn that there are three splendid versions of Theolonious Monk tunes. Schlippenbach has often found inspiration from Monk since his early days and returns to his music on a regular basis, including a ”complete works” recording back in 2004. Here we have versions of Mysterioso and Evidence joined in one track, and Skippy on another. 

There are also two shorter tracks – Zappa's You Are What You Is, and Harry Warren's Lulu's Back in Town. Whilst the longer improvisations have some exhilarating passages, I find the shorter tracks work better on CD. 

What's remarkable in the midst of all this inventiveness is just how easy it is to forget the ages of the two performers. The music is full of bounce and vigour, and sounds fresh and young throughout. Long may they continue. 

Peter Slavid 

Alexander Schlippenbach - piano
Aki Takase - piano

1. Jackhammer 13:01
2. Na na na ist das der Weg 11:35
3. You are what you is 3:23
4. Mingus-mix: Dukes Choice - Boogie Stop Shuffle 14:26
5. Misterioso - Evidence 12:33
6. Skippy 5:55
7. Lulu’s Back to Town 3:06
8. The Morlocks 12:50

Recorded live on the 16th August, 1995 at Café Amores, Hofu, Yamaguchi, Japan by Takeo Suetomi / Concert produced by Takeo Suetomi
All compositions by Alexander von Schlippenbach (GEMA), except otherwise indicated

Mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudios
Cover photo by Inge Ofenstein
Inside photos by Akihiro Matsumoto
Design by Oskaras Anosovas

Heartland Trio - Year One (November 15, 2018)

Founded by bassist Hannah Marks in 2017, Heartland Trio consists of Hannah Marks on double bass, Barclay Moffitt on tenor saxophone, and Rocky Martin on drums. The band draws from Marks’ musical upbringing in folk and spirituals, while grounded in the group’s improvisational and groove background of jazz and rock.

Hannah Marks - double bass and vocals
Barclay Moffitt - tenor saxophone
Rocky Martin - drums and cymbals

1. Resolution
2. Stray
3. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
4. How Can I Keep from Singing?
5. Intro
6. Kinda Not
7. R.K.S.
8. Interruption
9. Red Giant Phase

Kaja Draksler / Petter Eldh / Christian Lillinger - Punk.Vrt.Plastik (INTAKT RECORDS November 2018)

Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger are among the most thrilling, deep, and versatile figures to emerge in Europe over the last decade and the music of the trio is nothing less than a hybrid of personalities largely unimaginable if one examined the work of the players outside of this configuration. They knew they had something special right away.

Lillinger and Eldh have been working together for much of the last decade, forming an implacable bond within the wildly agile quartet Amok Amor with trumpeter Peter Evans and saxophonist Wanja Slavin. "We've really found a way to morph and stretch forms and groove, and I feel there's a very strong core between us," says the drummer.

"And Kaja is able to avoid that and deal with it at the same, which means she is able to shape or color things in her own way."

"Some of the pieces are complex and demand accuracy, but on the other hand, none of us are very precious about it," explains Draksler. "So there is inherent freedom … the music and the energy is much more important than correct notes, yet we want to get it right. And there is trust." 
Peter Margasak, Liner notes

Kaja Draksler: Piano
Petter Eldh: Bass
Christian Lillinger: Drums

1. Nuremberg Amok (Lillinger) 4:02
2. Evicted (Draksler) 8:01
3. Punkt Torso (Eldh) 3:59
4. Azan (Lillinger) 5:00
5. Veins (Lillinger) 4:08
6. Body Decline (Eldh) 4:48
7. Plastic (Lillinger) 4:04
8. Momentan (Lillinger) 3:30
9. Life is Transient (Eldh) 4:22

Recorded February 26, 2018, at Loft Cologne by
Christian Heck. Mixed by Martin Waschkowitsch,
Berlin. Mastered by Zino Mikorey, Berlin.
Liner notes: Peter Margasak.
Cover art photo: Edith Ringer. Photo: Ziga Koritnik.
Graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Produced and published
by Intakt Records.

Trio Heinz Herbert - Yes (INTAKT RECORDS November 2018)

The trio’s captivating aesthetic is thanks to a symbiotic intensity of expressio. It contains traces of ’70s free jazz psychedelics and particles of contemporary club culture and aspires to a broad fusion of free jazz and electronic music, energetically driven by a collective improvisation which outflanks solo gymnastics. After their celebrated 2016 recording, The Willisau Concert, with YES the trio have added fire to a highly original, unconventional musical art, swaggering again through electronic landscapes. "YES: welcome to transgressive zones of sound, multifaceted sonic structures, diverse aggregate states, moods and colliding rhythms.

YES: enter the cabinet of mirrors, reflecting influences, material, colours and double (dance) floors. More closely intertwined, and loosely interlocked, the Trio Heinz Herbert sound comes apart in the sum of the threefold individuals and in an interplay based on blind trust, on YES they celebrate music which is always in motion, constantly building new forms, reminiscent of the shifting, morphing multiple body of a flock of birds", writes Florian Keller in the liner notes.

Dominik Landolt: Guitar, Effects
Ramon Landolt: Synth, Samples, Piano
Mario Hänni: Drums, Effects

1. J 8:52 
2. J** 2:03
3. Kohäsion 5:16
4. Window for the Curious 3:38
5. Talk 3:47
6. Silo Partikel 10.04
7. Gravity 4:38
8. Loveliness 3:16
9. Darkspace 4:51
10. Tolerance 3:42

Rocco John Iacovone / Jack DeSalvo / Mark Hagan / Phil Sirois / Tom Cabrera - Conoisseurs of Chaos IV (UNSEEN RAIN Records November 2018)

The prodigious musicians here are a circle orbiting around drummer Tom Cabrera, involved in many New York-based jazz groups, recording and performing together in different aggregates. 

Connoisseurs of Chaos IV includes an extraordinary drum/bass duo, a sublime sax/bass/drum trio, an intensely swinging guitar/bass drum trio and full quartet performances of the opening track as well as a Iacovone original Dreams and Monk's classic Green Chimneys.

Rocco John Iacovone - alto and soprano saxophone
Jack DeSalvo - guitar
Phil Sirois - double-bass
Mark Hagan - double-bass
Tom Cabrera - drums

1. Arrival 33:48
2. Danceland 06:50
3. Thursday 17:10
4. Anniversary In Istambul 06:47
5. Dreams 06:34
6. Green Chimneys 04:48

Recorded at Woodshed Studio, Westbury, NY by Christof Ziegenhirte
Edited and mastered at Hutter Studio, Orlando FL by Larry Hutter
Cover painting by Tom Cabrera
design by Qua's Eye Graphix
A Woodshedd production
© 2018 Woodshedd Records
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Ida Sand - My Soul Kitchen (ACT MUSIC 2018)

Like jazz, soul has undergone an evolution from an American-based music rooted in the blues into a form of expression that now finds itself at home anywhere in the world. This global reach of the music is visible in ACT’s artist roster where we find, among others, Nils Landgren, Knut Reiersrud, Solveig Slettahjell, Magnus Lindgren, Torsten Goods, and - above all -  the Swedish singer/pianist Ida Sand. Her four previous albums have channelled jazz, pop and folk influences, but "My Soul Kitchen" is different. It is Ida Sand's clearest declaration yet of her love of "sweet soul music", and is also a demonstration of her deep affinity for it. There are songs by soul greats such as Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and The Meters, which are completely at one with both Ida Sand's own tunes and with her soulful interpretations of the music of artists like John Fogerty and Mike Shapiro. As Ida Sand herself says: "Soul music is such a broad genre. There’s funky soul, blue-eyed soul, neo-soul, RnB, New Orleans soul, Motown-soul and many others. This album is a blend of many of these.”

The band taking care of business throughout "My Soul Kitchen" is not just tight, it grooves organically. "Stockholm Undergound" consists of the Swedish recording scene’s finest. They made a huge impression on flautist Magnus Lindgren’s debut as leader on the ACT label, and are also the same musicians who formed the basis of Nils Landgren's first "Funk Unit". As Ida Sand remembers: “When I was 17 I really wanted to go to Fasching jazz club in Stockholm to listen to Nils Landgren and his Funk Unit. At the time, the band included Henrik Janson on guitar, bassist Lars DK Danielsson (not to be confused with double bassist and cellist Lars Danielsson) and drummer Per Lindvall. A few years later, keyboard player Jesper Nordenström joined the band. I was very excited because they were the best musicians I knew about back then. But to my disappointment it turned out I was too young, and the doorman said he couldn’t let me in. I started crying, and he felt so bad for me that he did let me in.  During the show, I remember saying to myself:

‘Imagine if I could play with these guys some day.’ And now I do!

I don't have the words to express what a joy it is to have gathered these musicians on my album. In addition, Magnus Lindgren, who is simply one of the most inspiring musicians I know, contributed the horn arrangements."

The presence of a distinguished veteran has also made its presence felt on "My Soul Kitchen". This doyen of the scene is not a musician but a recording studio, the Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, which for nearly 60 years has been a nucleus of the Swedish recording scene. Albums by jazz artists such as e.s.t., Coleman Hawkins, Jan Lundgren, Magnus Öström, Jan Johansson and Nils Landgren were produced there, but above all legendary pop recordings by ABBA, Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Roxette, The Cardigans, Fatboy Slim, Randy Crawford, Mando Diao and many more. Atlantis’  renowned sound engineer Janne Hansson has also given "My Soul Kitchen" an unmistakably warm, earthy, soft, yet crisp and extremely natural sound that inevitably evokes associations with original recordings from the heyday of American soul and legendary labels such as Motown or Stax Records. 

"We spent three wonderful days in the studio with the two producers Nils Landgren and Siggi Loch," recalls Ida Sand. "Everything was so incredibly smooth and natural. Most of the tracks on the album are first takes. It was such a pleasure to see this band at work and to be a part of it. Together we have cooked a hot soul casserole for our listeners. And we hope they turn up the music and enjoy it together with some good friends. They'll love the taste of it, I guarantee ya!"

Ida Sand / vocals & piano

Stockholm Underground
Jesper Nordenström / keys
Henrik Janson / electric guitar
Lars DK Danielsson / electric bass
Per Lindvall / drums
Magnus Lindgren / reeds

special guests:
Ola Gustafsson / electric & acoustic guitar
Paris Renita / background vocals
André Dahlbäck / background vocals
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals

1 Take Me To The River ( Al Green & Mabon Hodges) 03:00
2 Where The Hell Are You ( Ida Sand) 02:34
3 Crash & Burn ( Ida Sand) 03:47
4 Please Don't Hurt My Baby ( Stevie Wonder) 02:02
5 I Believe To My Soul ( Ray Charles) 03:16
6 Born On The Bayou ( John Fogerty) 04:01
7 I Have Nothing Left For You ( Ida Sand) 03:31
8 Just Kissed My Baby ( The Meters) 02:57
9 Empty Bed Blues ( J. C. Johnson) 02:58
10 If You Don't Love Me ( Ida Sand) 03:00
11 It's Your Voodoo Working ( Charles Sheffield) 03:58
12 Spooky ( Harry Middlebrooks Jr & Mike Shapiro / James Cobb & Buddy Buie) 03:56

All songs arranged by Ida Sand
Horn arrangements by Magnus Lindgren

Recorded by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, 
Stockholm, January 31 – February 2, 2018

Mixed and mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Produced by Nils Landgren and Siggi Loch
Executive Producer: Siggi Loch

Cover photo by Josefine Bäckström