viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

Barry Green Trio - Almost There (MOLETONE RECORDS 2017)

Barry Green, the below-the-radar but formidably skilled London pianist, takes off on cutting-edge New York collaborations. His 2016 trio  with American drummer Gerald Cleaver and saxophonist Chris Cheek proved that, and this New York-recorded set with bassist Drew Gress and drummer Tom Rainey is just as surefootedly inventive.

Half of the dozen tracks are Green’s (who’s an adroit composer of postbop cliffhangers as well as thoughtful song themes); the others are famous Broadway, pop and jazz tunes. Green’s jagged, stop-start title track is a typical contemporary-jazz mix of avant-swing and a flinty Latin feel. Bud Powell’s standard Bouncing With Bud is a wonderful interpretation, with its famous tune long postponed, Gress delivering an awesome bass solo of sly flicks and graceful melodic curves, and Green’s improvisation a balance of foxy restraint and impulsiveness.

You’ll Never Walk Alone is fragmented and reharmonised without sabotage, Lulu’s Back in Town and Thelonious Monk’s Work are vivacious rhythm-teasers of quite different kinds. This fine trio start a week’s UK tour from 31 January.

01. Almost There 4:26
02. Bouncing with Bud 6:10
03. Never Walk Alone 5:53
04. Lulu's Back in Town 5:02
05. Like the First Time (Take 1) 2:25
06. My Spy 2:31
07. Train in the Distance 3:50
08. Like the First Time (Take 2) 2:32
09. Signals 6:43
10. Her Majesty 1:15
11. I Could See the Smallest Things 2:36
12. Work 11:18

Drew Gress (bass)
Tom Rainey (drums)

Ensamble Nodo - Taller 1 (DISCOS PENDIENTE 2017)

Ya está disponible 'Taller 1', el disco debut de Ensamble Nodo, que se suma al catálogo de Discos Pendiente, siendo el primero de este año.

Este disco es el resultado final de un enriquecedor, complejo, bello y extenso proceso que comienza a fines del año 2013 gracias a la benéfica gestión de Federico Dannemann para generar un punto de encuentro (nodo) entre un grupo de jóvenes compositores e intérpretes de una nueva generación para desarrollar, bajo una perspectiva educativa, el oficio y trabajo propio que requiere un ensamble.

Quisiéramos hacer énfasis en el factor humano que ha significado este trabajo de tres años, ya que el sello de "taller" que su gestor le imprimió en la semilla original, ha perdurado en nuestro desarrollo hasta el día de hoy, aún, en los últimos dos años, sin Federico a cargo de la dirección. Y no es, sino este viaje de aprendizaje, ensayo y error y comunicación humana lo que nos motiva a publicar este simbólico registro sonoro.

01. Ensemble Idea
02. Monólogo (...) A un Hijo de Meses
03. A Media Existencia
04. Maya (Ilusiones Sensoriales)
05. Gayatri
06. Cobra
07. N39
08. Vals

Kind Folk - Kind Folk EP (2017)

Released January 19, 2017


John Raymond - trumpet, flugelhorn
Alex LoRe - alto saxophone
Noam Wiesenberg - bass
Colin Stranahan - drums

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Perez-Cisneros

1. Kind Folk 07:25
2. Round Trip 04:48
3. Shir Le'Shir 04:57
4. Silence 05:03
5. Waiting For The Open Door 07:21

jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Fred Hughes Trio, The - MATRIX (SHORE THING RECORDS 2017)


“Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.” With that, Matrix seemed like the logical title for the Fred Hughes Trio’s 8th release and 3rd recording for ShoreThing Records. 

Richard Galliano -Les années Milan d’Edith Piaf à Astor Piazzolla (MILAN RECORDS 2017)

Le meilleur du catalogue Milan de Richard Galliano, réunis sur un magnifique double album. “Comme toutes les belles histoires, cela a commencé par une rencontre, une rencontre qui a bouleversé ma vie, au début des années 80, la rencontre avec Astor Piazzolla. Une de ces rencontres sources avec un artiste qui fut, non un mentor comme il serait un peu facile de le dire, mais une voix, une voie et un exemple. Certaines de ses paroles résonnent encore en moi, profondément.

En 1986, il m’a désigné comme premier bandonéon dans le quintet qui accompagnait Le Songe d’une nuit d’été, mis en scène par Jorge Lavelli à la Comédie-Française. J’étais le seul français dans cet ensemble de musiciens argentins. Impressionnant ! Inoubliable ! Et comme un prolongement naturel et heureux de ces beaux moments, Astor m’a présenté Emmanuel Chamboredon, le PDG des disques Milan, qui produisait le disque du spectacle. Ce fut le début d’une longue collaboration et d’une grande amitié…”

CD 1
01. Ouverture - Ensemble Pari's Tango
02. Milonga - Ensemble Pari's Tango
03. Ouverture - Richard Galliano, Frederic Guerrouet, Maria Lago, Francoise Espinoza
04. Tango final - Richard Galliano, Frederic Guerrouet, Maria Lago, Francoise Espinoza
05. Ballet Tango
06. Sunny's game
07. Adios nonino
08. Pedro y Pedro
09. Chiquilin de bachin
10. Tangaria
11. Chat pitre
12. Barbara
13. Indifference
14. Libertango
15. Oblivion
16. Opale concerto : Part III

CD 2
01. Tango pour Claude [Live]
02. Fou Rire [Live]
03. Sertao [Live]
04. Escualo [Live]
05. Love Day
06. Aurore
07. Michelangelo 70
08. Ten Years Ago
09. Take Eleven
10. Nego Forro - Chico Cesar, Richard Galliano
11. Baiao / Asa Branca - Dominguinhos, Richard Galliano
12. Sem Ganza Nao É Coco - Chico Cesar, Richard Galliano
13. Douce joie - Richard Galliano / Sylvain Luc
14. L'accordeoniste - Richard Galliano / Sylvain Luc
15. La foule - Richard Galliano / Sylvain Luc
16. L'hymne a l'amour - Richard Galliano / Sylvain Luc
17. Swing valse - Richard Galliano / Sylvain Luc

Brian Dickinson Quintet, The - The Rhythm Method (ADDO RECORDS 2017)

Worldwide Release Date: January 20th, 2017

The ten tracks are all original compositions by the leader including, “Orion”, a tribute to the great Wayne Shorter and “The Rhythm Method Suite”, a series of compositions inspired by the music of Lennie Tristano.

Veteran jazz pianist Brian Dickinson has been a mainstay on the Toronto jazz scene for over thirty years. As well as leading his own trio, quartet, quintet and (most lately!) big band projects, he can be heard in bands led by Pat LaBarbera and Kirk MacDonald. He has also worked and recorded with Kenny Wheeler, Jerry Bergonzi, Lee Konitz and Tom Harrell among many others.

Open Season
Bon Voyage
The Rhythm Method Suite: Lennie's Loonies
Trane Trip
Stepping Out
It's Hugh Or Nolan
Raking Leaves

Kelly Jefferson: tenor sax
Luiz Deniz; alto sax
Neil Swainson: bass
Ted Warren: drums

Jason Hainsworth - Third Ward Stories (ORIGIN RECORDS 2016)

Third Ward Stories is a bit of a musical biography for this Houston-bred, thoroughly grounded member of the rich Texas Tenor tradition, his paean to the neighborhood he grew up in and the musical memories embedded in the soil of that 'hood. With stops in New Orleans and New York, and later in Tallahassee and Florida State University where he earned his Masters degree, Hainsworth gathers here some longtime friends from that journey for his second recording as a leader. Along with co-producer, NY trombonist Michael Dease, pianist Glenn Zaleski, drummer Johnathan Blake, Josh Evans on trumpet and Adam Olszewski on bass, Hainsworth explores Wayne Shorter's "Prince of Darkness" and Hoagy Carmichael's classic ballad, "The Nearness of You," along with six original compositions.

1. Groiditude 5:09 
2. I Plead Da Fif 6:59 
3. Jana 4:57 
4. Prince of Darkness 5:54 
5. It's Right There 6:29 
6. The Nearness of You 7:58 
7. Third Ward Stories 6:18 
8. Barack's Blues 6:59 
9. Conversations 9:08

Michael Dease - Trombone 
Josh Evans - Trumpet 
Glenn Zaleski - Piano 
Adam Olszewski - Bass 
Johnathan Blake - Drums

Produced by Michael Dease & Jason Hainsworth 
Recorded by David Stoller at The Samurai Hotel Recording Studio (Astoria, NY) 
July 15th, 2015 
Mixed by Fernando Ulibarri at The Hideaway Studios (Miami, FL) 
Mastered by Jim Alfredson at Alfredson Audio (Lansing,MI) 
Photographs by Edison Penafiel 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

David Williford – Possible Futures (EAR UP RECORDS 2016)

Possible Futures is a collection of music I’ve written over the course of a few years – along with three interludes written and produced by Daniel Sauls. The music has a broad scope – alluding to various musical influences, and ranging from free-improvisation to concerted arrangements. I had a blast working on this project and collaborating with the other musicians that made it possible. They are all friends that I respect and admire – each bringing a wide pallet of influences that make the music sound unique. I count myself lucky to have their contributions.

David Williford – tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Joel Gage – guitar
Ian Miller – piano and keyboards
Calvin Knowles – bass
Ross McReynolds – drums 
Daniel Sauls – writing and production on tracks 2, 5, and 8
Don Aliquo – alto saxophone on track 4
Jovan Quallo – flute on track 7 
James Westfall – vibraphone on track 9

Why Can’t They See It? (6’50”)
A simple theme followed by a free collective-improvisation from the quintet – this piece is a reflection on disagreement and truth. Joel Gage calls it my “folk tune”.

Interlude 1 (1’17”)
The interludes on the record were written and produced by Daniel Sauls using sounds from the recording session. This first interlude uses samples from “Please Remember”. His writing process is different from anyone I know, and it really yielded something beautiful.

Read The News Today (1’49”)
I told the band to “play what the internet might sound like”. This track is an excerpt from a tumultuous, free improvisation with post-production from Ian Miller.

Misinformation Age (10′ 22″)
Everyone in the band has love for rock and metal music, and this track brings that to life. This through-composed piece is inspired by the difficulties of finding truth in the age of the internet. It features a teacher and mentor of mine – Don Aliquo – on alto saxophone. It is a challenge to play, but luckily Don said this take “has some hair on it!”

Interlude 2 (1′ 02″)
The second track from Daniel Sauls using sounds from “Why Can’t They See It?”

Understanding (7′ 30″)
The majority of conflict and anxiety in life comes from misunderstandings. This is one of the more simple, subdued tracks on the record – with an outro that reaches a powerful climax. It also features some beautiful, thoughtful solos from Ian and Joel.

Please Remember (14′ 04″)
Many of my mentors taught me to look for inspiration in traditional music from other cultures. I wrote this tune while studying African folk music. Featuring Jovan Quallo on flute, “Please Remember” is a gentle, vulnerable tune tagged with an excerpt from a free improvisation. The solos from Calvin Knowles and Jovan are some of my favorite moments on the record.

Interlude 3 (0′ 49″)
This frantic 49 seconds is the last track from Daniel – using samples from “Misinformation Age”.

Masalu (17′ 06″)
Originally, this was a piece I wrote and recorded for chamber orchestra and soon after adapted for quintet. I wanted to write something that could illustrate the enormous inequalities in history and existing today. I’ve always loved music that is programmatic (from Berlioz to Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun”). While writing this, I tried to outline humanity’s struggle for equality and peace. Through developing a few motives and characters, the piece attempts to bring some ideas to life: the inalienable “oneness” we all share, the fear and avarice that birthed inequality, the despair of oppression, and the possibility of peace.

Last Page (8′ 08″)
The closing track begins with solo piano from Ian leading to a simple theme and collective improvisation from the group. The coda is a lyrical melody over a hypnotic groove that fades to nothing. This piece has to do with a difficult situation and some wisdom from my mother.