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Eddy Palermo - Brincando entre Amigos (2014)

L'Italia è per tradizione il Paese dei grandi artisti. Tra questi hanno un posto nell'Olimpo dell'Arte i musicisti, compositori e interpreti, che hanno lasciato un segno importante nella storia della Musica.

Tra i grandi interpreti contemporanei a me è toccata la fortuna di conoscere e soprattutto l'onore di suonare con un artista di fama internazionale come Eddy Palermo, un virtuoso della chitarra jazz e non solo.

La sua maniera spontanea di suonare si esprime con grande abilità tecnica e con una eccezionale  velocità di esecuzione che lascia intatta e godibile tutta la  sensibilità e la musicalità di cui il Maestro è capace. Nell'improvvisazione, il fraseggio affascina l'uditorio per il suo gusto raffinato e la sua imaginifica creatività.

A tutto questo Eddy aggiunge, avvolto nel mondo del suo swing, una interpretazione molto personale di intendere la musica brasiliana come pochi altri. Comprensibile, quindi, l'entusiasmo e l'onore, provato per aver preso parte al suo ultimo cd e la gioia che mi ha procurato e che mi fa gridare "Viva Eddy che suona con il cuore"! Un abbraccio e buona fortuna. Toninho Horta

1 - Nada será como antes 8:32 (Milton Nascimento)
2 - Amor em paz 7:57 (Antonio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim) - Vinicius de Moraes)
3 - Stella by starlight 4:37 (Victor Young)
4 - Samba de verão 5:35 (Marcos Valle)
5 - Beijo partido 6:07 (Toninho Horta)
6 - Luiza 4:03 (Antonio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim))
7 - Batita diferente 6:12 (Mauricio Einhorn - Durval Ferreira)
8 - Here's that rainy day 7:10 (Jimmy Van Heusen - Johnny Burke)
9 - Minha saudade 4:47 (João Donato)

Eddy Palermo (guitarra)
Toninho Horta (guitarra)
Nicola Stilo (flauta)
Sandro Deidda (saxo tenor)
Cicci Santucci (trompeta)
Pery Ribeiro (voz)
and others

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


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The Carlos Abadie Quintet - Immersed in the Quest Vol.2 Carlito's Way! (2013)

Source: Cdbaby
Label: Truth Revolution

"I had the pleasure of being present at the Fat Cat the night this recording was made. (you can actually hear me shouting “Yeah!” at different intervals) Carlos Abadie (who is a first generation Ecuadorian American born & raised in Jersey City, NJ) is a great musician, arranger & bandleader. To lead a band, a musician must possess a high level of discernment in what to play & what not to play and also be able to recognize the skills and abilities of the other band members. That type of vision is necessary in order to bring the music to life, to go from notes on paper to an actual performance filled with high levels of energy and emotion. Duke Ellington had that type of vision. So did Miles. Enter Carlos Abadie, who is well on his way to developing a similar kind of insight into what it takes to make a band and its members work well together.
All of us have heroes and role models whom we respect & admire. We grow up listening to recordings of these artists and soak up their music like sponges. This is a huge part of our musical education because listening is just as important as playing . During the 1950’s and 60’s artists like Kenny Dorham, Jackie McLean & Horace Silver produced timeless music that would become a major influence on those to follow them. Here in the 21st century, Carlos & his group are breathing new life into the compositions & arrangements of these masters because the world needs to be reminded of how great this music is". Read more...

1. Windmill 7:12    
2. Overdose 7:58    
3. East of the Village 11:32    
4. Peace 6:38    
5. Ill Wind 7:18    
6. KD's Blues 17:17    
7. Jim Dunn's Dilema / Theme 8:28    
8. Little Man You've Had a Busy Day 7:15

Carlos Abadie: trumpet
Joe Sucato: tenor saxophone
Jon Lefcoski: piano
Jason Stewart: bass
Luca Santaniello: drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Introducing the Carlos Abadie Quintet - Immersed in the Quest Vol.1 (2013)

Source: Cdbaby
Label: Pursuance 2011/Truth Revolution 2013

"It would be a misnomer to call the Carlos Abadie Quintet a new band; after all, the group has been around for a decade. But it is one of those anomalies of fate that it is not better known. It should, and the reasons are manifested on Immersed in the Quest, Vol. 1, which carries a couple of originals and several standards to a highly satisfying listening experience. The years have honed quintet's approach, done with a great deal of clarity and vision, filling the music with depth and feeling.” - Jerry D’Souza -

1. People On the Hill 6:52    
2. Pyramid 6:22    
3. Metamorphasis 5:40    
4. Funny (Not Much) 8:01
5. Action Jackson 4:36    
6. Each Time I Think of You 6:10    
7. Hub's Nub 7:30    
8. La Mesha 4:52

Carlos Abadie: trumpet
Joe Sucato: tenor saxophone
Jon Lefcoski: piano
Jason Stewart: bass
Luca Santaniello: drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Adam Lane's Throttle Orchestra - Live in Ljubljana (2014)

Adam Lane is back to the big band format he loves so much, with an ensemble (Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva is one of the contributors) large enough «to allow for a dense, multi-dimensional sound palette», but small enough «for successful group improvisation». The scores and the arrangements are at times complex and dense, while at others, soaked in a steamrolling groove. Lane incorporates organizational strategies that he learned from the new music composer Earle Brown, but never strays too far from the flowing logic of the jazz tradition. As usual he integrates a myriad of influences into his sound including nods to Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Muhal Richard Abrams, but also Luigi Nono, and Parliament/Funkadelic. And, surprise, surprise, there are even some key rhythmic elements taken from the Balinese and Javanese gamelan tradition, and not for exotic effect. As Adam Lane himself puts it: «It’s all about the groove.» Yes, this is highly intelligent music to tap your foot to: soulful mind candy with a groove!

Nate Wooley: trumpet
Susana Santos Silva: trumpet
Reut Regev: trombone
David Bindman: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Avram Fefer: alto saxophone
Matt Bauder: baritone sax
Adam Lane: bass
Igal Foni: drums

1. Power Lines/Feeling Blue-Ish
2. Empire Of Music (The One)
3. Sanctum
4. Multiply Then Divide
5. Ashcan Rantings
6. Power Lives/Blues For Eddie

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Pete Robbins - Pyramid (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: Hate Laugh Music

New York-based saxophonist, composer Pete Robbins has been on a fast- track, surging to the upper echelon of global jazz talent. And Pyramid rekindles impressions of drummer, composer John Hollenbeck's early 2013 release Songs I Like A Lot, where specific pop and rock songs from yesteryear, inspire the artists to execute a personal reinterpretation or refresh via the essence of modern jazz frameworks. Moreover, Robbins reaps the positive benefits of a superstar-like supporting band, including the recent recipient of a MacArthur "Genius" grant, pianist Vijay Iyer.

The quartet molds complex unison progressions, pensive overtones and a breezy rendering of crooner guitarist Glen Campbell's highly melodic, Jimmy Webb penned pop hit "Wichita Lineman," which charted on the airwaves in 1968. Here, the saxophonist states the primary theme with airy intonations and raises the pitch, abetted by drummer Tyshawn Sorey's snappy backbeats. Robbins also dances around the core melody and launches into a soul-jazz vibe, then hands it over to Iyer during the bridge, who in turn, reformulates the entire periphery of the principle motif as the musicians heat matters up prior to closeout. It's just one of many stirring takes on pop and pop-rock lore, brimming with the artists' cunning improvisational segments and enlivening reinventions.

        Sweet Child O' Mine        
         Wichita Lineman       
       Too High       

Pete Robbins – Alto Saxophone, compositions
Vijay Iyer – Piano
Eivind Opsvik – Bass
Tyshawn Sorey – Drums 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Danilo Rea - Live At Casa Del Jazz, Rome (2006)

01. Giulia’s smile
02. Waltz for Anna
03. Oona
04. I magnifici 5
05. Il respiro
06. Loving cole
07. Transilvania Express
08. Highlands
09. Verso sud
10. Skin
11. Tzigane
12. Minority jazz
13. Chissa perche
14. Crepuscole

Danilo Rea (p),
Pietro Tonolo (ten., soprano sax), 
Marcello Sirignano (vl),
Giovanni Tommaso (bass), 
Massimo Manzi (drums).

Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz,
Rome 2006, March 20


Eddy Palermo Samba Jazz Trio + Convidados - Meu Samba Jazz (2013)

Virtuoso della chitarra, Eddy Palermo è il capostipite indiscusso del jazz samba in Italia, da più di vent’anni il suo nome è sinonimo di qualità. Nella sua musica si alternano sonorità afroamericane a ritmi brasiliani, e il risultato che ne deriva è eleganza ed energia allo stato puro.

Eddy Palermo : guitar
Daniele Basirico : bass
Alessandro Marzi : drums

01. Maracangalha
02. Você (feat. Wanda Sa)
03. Meditação (feat Jin Porto)
04. Cançao de Menina
05. Ivan Medley: Començar de Novo - Velas Içadas
06. Ceu e Mar
07. Caminhos Cruzados (feat. Pery Ribeiro)
08. Samba de Uma Nota Só
09. Sambolero
10. Body and Soul (bonus track)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



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Ronnie Burrage & Band Burrage - Heal (2014)

Label: MiMikAlana Records
Source: Cdbaby 

Album Notes: Ronnie Burrage is considered one of the best jazz musicians on the world scene today. His latest release “Heal” with his “Band Burrage” is innovatively formed, rooted in jazz tradition, and evokes good vibes, with a sound quality of a multitude of creative influences.
(PRWEB) February 18, 2014
Ronnie’s latest recording “Heal” with ‘Band Burrage’ blends fusion, hard bop, rock and pop elements in a diverse, contemporary fashion. There are sections featuring unison playing and Afro-Latin rhythms, then periods with free, skittering passages as drummer/keyboardist Ronnie Burrage, EWI/saxophonist Rick Tate, guitarist Eric Slaughter, bassist Nimrod Speaks and vocalist Shenel Johns take turns offering frenetic, exuberant solos. Influenced by groups like Wayne Shorter, U.K., Milton Nascimento, Weather Report, Mile Davis, Radio Head, Yes, Tribe Called Quest, Funkadelics, Sly & The Family Stone, Alan Holdsworth, Stevie Wonder to name a few.
“I'm looking to reach as many people as possible from agents, to concert bookings, CD sales, most importantly international and national music festivals. This band live is super hot and needs to be touring all the time like it did in my younger days” says Ronnie.
Burrage is considered to be a virtuoso, exceptionally skilled and regarded as one of the best in the business at his craft. He has toured all four continents from Siberia to South Africa to Japan. Ronnie is a well respected educator who’s biography is vibrant and dynamically diverse. He has graced stages with the who’s who of jazz such as Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Morgan, Wallace Roney, Jackie & Rene McLean, James Moody, Gary Bartz, Archie Shepp, Reggie Workman, Joe Zawinul, Cedar Walton, Wood Shaw, McCoy Tyner, and Pepper Adams. Throughout his illustrious career he has been featured on over 100 recordings . Read more...

01 Martinique 04:56
02 In Nebular / Nexus (feat. Henry Grimes) 05:31
03 Flight Endless 05:24
04 Movement 02:41
05 A Time in Amerikkka 05:54
06 Baptism 08:05
07 Lily Xia 05:09
08 Ashes, a Love That Could Have Been Had She Looked Within 04:10
09 G.O. Heal 03:21
10 You Can Call 06:15
11 Mr. Drums 12:01

Ronnie Burrage, drums/keyboards
Rick Tate, EWI/saxophone
Eric Slaughter, guitar
Nimrod Speaks, bass
Shenel Johns, vocals

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -

Harrell, Giammarco, Zeppetella, Deidda & Sferra - The Auditorium Sessions (2008)

The Auditorium Session testimonia l’incontro straordinario tra quattro noti jazzisti italiani e il talento leggendario di Tom Harrell avvenuto nella primavera del 2005 all’Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Le melodie meravigliose e intricate che Harrell costruisce e il colore del suo suono scuro e caldo lo hanno fatto eleggere come il migliore trombettista  della sua generazione. Nel disco Tom Harrell mette a disposizione la sua vena creativa per interpretare brani originali composti dal chitarrista Fabio Zeppetella (Across The City, Sei in Sei, Walking on The Beach, Little Girl) e dal sassofonista Maurizio Giammarco (Remembering Mingus at Music Inn), uno standard (Autumn in New York) e due brani di sua composizione (The Sun, The Moon and You; Fountain). Insieme a loro una sezione ritmica d’eccezione: Dario Deidda al basso e Fabrizio Sferra alla batteria.

“Quando, nell’aprile del 2005 (il 12, per precisione), si prospettò la possibilità di esibirsi in concerto all’Auditorium Parco Della Musica di Roma insieme al leggendario trombettista Tom Harrell, uno dei grandi poeti del jazz ancora in circolazione, l’entusiasmo generale fu tale da generare, automaticamente, il desiderio di documentare quell’incontro. Un incontro fortemente voluto e pianificato dall’amico chitarrista Fabio Zeppetella, e al quale parteciparono Dario Deidda al basso, Fabrizio Sferra alla batteria (i tre anche conosciuti come Audio Slang Trio) e l’autore di queste righe, Maurizio Giammarco ai sassofoni.

Come spesso accade in ambito jazzistico, la musica contenuta in questo cd fu dunque registrata di getto, in un’unica seduta, e nell’unico giorno possibile per farlo, ovvero il giorno successivo al concerto: il 13 aprile 2005. Sarà stata la dolce aria primaverile, o forse i due brani “sognanti” portati da Tom, o l’amicizia e la conoscenza di lunga data fra noi musicisti italiani, o il clima di tranquilla e sana collaborazione e di grande e reciproco rispetto instauratosi nel corso del lavoro; sta di fatto che questi, e altri misteriosi e come sempre inesplicabili ingredienti, contribuirono a creare una miscela musicale affatto particolare: intensa, magica e serafica al tempo stesso. L’atmosfera di quell’incontro ci è rimasta molto cara e ben salda nella memoria: speriamo vivamente che la musica di questo cd sia in grado di restituirla all’ascoltatore”. Maurizio Giammarco

Source: auditorium

Tom Harrell, trumpet & flughelhorn
Maurizio Giammarco, tenor & soprano saxophones
Fabio Zeppetella, electric guitar
Dario Deidda, electric bass
Fabrizio Sferra, drums

1. I Nodi E il Pettine
2. Accross the City
3. Sei in Sei
4. The Sun, The Moon and You
5. Remembering Mingus at Music Inn
6. Autumn in New York
7. Fountain
8. Walking on the Beach
9. Little Girl

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



Source: Taklit
Label: Cristal Records

« A Truth About Me », Shauli Einav’s 3rd album as a leader is a pivotal milestone in his career. After being trained in NYC’s Jazz scene for many years, releasing a highly acclaimed debut album (Opus One / Plus Loin Music 2011), Einav landed in Paris last July and he is now out on  a journey of self-exploration. 

In this album Einav compiled ten vigorous compositions, which take listeners on a voyage into the artist’s mind-vessels. These compositions are sophisticated, high-spirited and confident while at the same time thoughtful, intimate and sometimes even somber. Einav is a 3 times ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award recipient. This album features long time band member NYC trombonist, Andy Hunter, Paul Lay on piano, Louis Moutin on drums, French bassist Florent Nisse and the up and coming Antonin Tri Hoang on alto saxophone and bass clarinet.

                                               01. Embarcadère 5:14
                                               02. Circa 1988 6:36
                                               03. Copenhague 7:52
                                               04. The Traveler 5:47
                                               05. Nomads 10:02
                                               06. Eleven Fifty Two 1:20
                                               07. One For Alex 6:47
                                               08. Le Musketeer 7:23
                                               09. Ultramarine 5:30
                                               10. A Truth About Me 6:08


                                                Shauli EINAV Sax soprano & ténor
                                                Andy HUNTER Trombone
                                                Antonin TRI HOANG Sax alto & clarinette basse
                                                Paul LAY Piano
                                                Florent NISSE Contrebasse
                                                Louis MOUTIN Batterie 



"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -


Marc Seales - American Songs, Volume 2: Blues...and Jazz (2014)

Source & Label: Origin Records

Whether performing with the heaviest jazz luminaries or with his own bands, pianist Marc Seales' deeply lyrical and blues-based approach to modern jazz has defined the sound of Seattle's dynamic jazz scene for several decades. For his fourth recording, Seales brings together his longtime compatriots--guitarist Fred Hamilton, drummer Gary Hobbs, and bassists, Jeff Johnson and Dave Captein--for a set of original blues compositions and reworked jazz standards such as "Giant Steps" and "ESP." Included also is a new version of Seales' "Highway Blues." Originally recorded by his group New Stories with Ernie Watts, it's known to many for its use as a music file in Windows XP, and has been one of the most listened to jazz performances in the digital world. 

4 BLUE 9:31
7 ESP 6:54

MARC SEALES - piano & keyboards
JEFF JOHNSON - bass (1,2,4,5)
DAVE CAPTEIN - electric bass (3,6,7)
GARY HOBBS - drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -


J.A.T.P. All Stars Jazz at the Philarmonic; Frankfurt 1952 (1997)

J.A.T.P. All Stars  Jazz at the Philarmonic; Frankfurt 1952

01 Introduction by Norman Granz
02 How High the Moon
03 Undecided
04 Deep Purple - Rockin' Chair - This Is Always - I Cover the Waterfront
05 Dre's Blues

Lester Young, Flip Phillips (Tenor Saxophone), 
Roy Eldridge (Trumpet), 
Hank Jones (Piano), 
Ray Brown (Bass), 
Max Roach (Drums). 

Recorded: November 20, 1952 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Label: Pablo [025218530521] CD 1997

This is a previously unreleased concert performance catching the J.A.T.P. troupe (this time featuring Lester Young, Flip Phillips, Roy Eldridge, 
Hank Jones, Ray Brown, Max Roach and an uncredited Irving Ashby on guitar) on the last night of their European tour of 1952. After Norman 
Granz' introductions to an enthusiastic Frankfurt audience, the group kicks off with a swinging version of "How High the Moon" that goes on for 
some 11 minutes. This is followed by "Undecided," taken at an even faster pace but still clocking in at almost 12 minutes and featuring an 
extraordinary solos by Eldridge and Young. A "Ballad Medley" is next, spotlighting four selections interpreted as solo turns. Flip Phillips starts 
thing off with a nice reading of "Deep Purple," segueing into Roy Eldridge's take on "Rockin' Chair." Next up is Hank Jones' nice, understated 
version of "This Is Always," which sets the stage for Lester Young's stunning "I Cover the Waterfront." The concert closes with an uptempo 
"Dre's Blues," which speeds up to an almost impossible tempo after Max Roach's drum solo. All in all, another classic entry in this long-standing 
series that languished in the vaults for far too long.  by Cub Koda (AMG)

amazon.com customer
# Although all contributors are excellent, Lester Young (the one and only President) on tenor sax and Roy Eldridge on trumpet steal the honours 
on heated jams of "How high the moon", "Undecided" and "Dre's Blues", but on the ballad medley Flip Phillips scores an unexpected point with 
his passionate tenor sax interpretation of "Deep Purple".
Of course, this is not to say that Eldridge's stint on Carmichael's good old "Rockin' chair" is a throwaway... It is anything but, and the same goes 
for Young's brilliant analysis of "I cover the waterfront" or Hank Jones' subtle take on "This is Always". Recording technology was not optimally 
used considering the era, but the musicians still come across very strong, although the rhythm section could have been a bit more clearly 
recorded (incidentally, Norman Granz announces Irving Ashby on guitar, but his name is omitted from the data on the CD's sleeve). In the end, 
after an amazing drummin' romp by Max Roach, Little Jazz joins in with some of the most sensitive type of hot trumpet playing, leading to the 
jubilant and spectacular ensemble conclusion of "Dre's Blues", a marathon jam jointly devised by the musicians of this group.... BTW; The 
pleasure of listening The Pres once again makes me think - his approach to tunes, compared to Charlie Parker's is like Robert Bresson's approach 
to film narration compared to that of Jean-Luc Godard... Young's honks and repetitive notes, for instance on "Undecided" break every rule and still 
swing madly...
# Amazingly good concert, everybody is in high spirits', this concert being the last by this troupe in Europe 1952. Remarkably fiery solos by Lester 
Young and Flip Phillips, Lester is not to be defeated despite Phillips' hot playing, and his version of "I cover the waterfront" is a little gem! 
Everybody is relaxing and injecting a lot of musical humour during the proceedings. A concert which should not be missed by everyone interested 
in JATP and the great stars participating! 

Thank to Oldhippierick


David Hazeltine - For All We Know (2014)

David Hazeltine é conhecido por sua sofisticação harmônica e pianismo elegante, traços que também eram características de jogo de Cedar Walton. Quando Hazeltine inicialmente estabelecido fazer o que se tornaria seu Sessões de fumaça de lançamento, pelo que sabemos, fazer um disco tributo era a coisa mais distante de sua mente e deve ser salientado que, pelo que sabemos não é, definitivamente, um registro tributo. No entanto, é difícil ignorar a importância do legado de Cedar Walton a ele. Hazeltine é um dos herdeiros importantes para a tradição do piano de Walton, por isso é natural que a sua gratidão e afeto seria temas dominantes nesta gravação. É também um registro especial porque documenta o que é essencialmente a primeira colaboração entre Hazeltine e saxofonista tenor Seamus Blake. Foi uma parceria que ambos apreciamos imensamente e que funcionou muito bem com o resto do quarteto, o baixista David "Happy" Williams eo baterista Joe Farnsworth. O álbum abre com um dos originais inventivas do Hazeltine, "Et Cedra", que é também aquele que foi abertamente escrito com Walton em mente. Em sua torce melódicas e mais voltas e é harmonias sutis ainda inesperados, é rapidamente aparente porque Hazeltine tem um forte apoio tal. Outros destaques incluem Kurt Weill "My Ship" e turbulento "Eddie Harris" do Hazeltine que dá Blake a oportunidade de pagar alguns aspectos de sua autoria, desta vez para o mestre saxofone descolados. Quando For All We Know conclui com "AD Bossa," a realização em conjuntos que, apesar de jazz perdeu alguns de seus maiores talentos, há uma outra geração que é dedicado a manter a forma de arte vital e vivo.

Pianist David Hazeltine, a musician’s musician known for his harmonic sophistication and elegant pianism, delivers a thoroughly beautiful recording with his latest For All We Know. His rich sound and comping is often reminiscent of the late, great Cedar Walton and Hazeltine honors the piano master with several original compositions including “Et Cedra,” “Lord Walton,” and “Pooh,” as well as Kurt Weill’s “My Ship.” For All We Know also captures the first meeting between tenor saxophone sensation Seamus Blake and Hazeltine. 

It is abundantly clear on tracks like Charlie Parker’s “Cheryl” and Hazeltine’s “Eddie Harris,” that this collaboration is one worth returning to again and again. For All We Knowis available for purchase as a 8-panel CD-Deluxe Album complete with liner notes, interview and additional photos or as a high resolution download mastered for iTunes.

David Hazeltine: piano
Seamus Blake: tenor sax
David Williams: bass
Joe Farnsworth: drums

1. Et Cedra 6:12
2. My Ship 8:58
3. Pooh 8:21
4. Lord Walton 6:58
5. For All We Know 11:45
6. Eddie Harris 7:29
7. Cheryl 9:39
8. Imagination 7:10
9. A.D. Bossa 5:53

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Bossa Nova - Romance (2013)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


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Frank Harrison Trio - First Light (2006)

Harrison is most familiar as Gilad Atzmon's pianist, and the 2006 Atzmon group's diversion toward keyboard electronics might suggest a hint of that on Harrison's personal debut. But this is an acoustic-trio set in Brad Mehldau territory, and the scalding pace and motivic zigzagging of What Is This Thing Called Love? is a reminder both of how much spark remains in this familiar jazz-ensemble format, and how many good examples of it there are in the UK.

Harrison is accompanied by the bassist they call Scotland's Dave Holland - Aidan O'Donnell - and by that sensitive small-group drummer Stephen Keogh. The pianist's quiet, rippling originals take five tracks; there are three standards, and a brooding account of the Spartacus theme with O'Donnell in conversational support. Harrison's swaying ballad Jinni is the most openly songlike of his own pieces (Bill Evans-like in its accelerating development), but - as with Mehldau - the most elliptical, preoccupied overtures develop unexpected fireworks. A promising start.

Frank Harrison, piano
Aidan O'Donnell, bass
Stephen Keogh, drums

1. You Can't Go Home Again 4:57
2. What Is This Thing Called Love 7:07
3. Afternoon In Tromso 5:58
4. First Light 5:38
5. Jinni 5:10
6. Nature Boy 2:52
7. Love Theme From Spartacus 5:29
8. Maria's Planet Song 4:21
9. Falling 3:59

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



Source: Abstractlogix

The brilliant new album from Musician and Bassist Etienne Mbappe. Cameroonian Born Etienne who has been touring the world with Guitar Legend John McLaughlin as one of the member of the 4th Dimension started his international career with Joe Zawinul, Salif Keita among others. Very Recently he was asked to be the member of The Ringers , which features Jimmy Herring, Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau and Gary Novak.
On this solo album Etienne has crafted some really amazing music, influence heavily by his African Roots. Featured with a great band that includes drummer Nicolas Viccaro, Pater Noster is one of the standout albums in this genre. It is refreshing to hear an accomplished technical player who at the same time writes great compositions.

    Wondja (Di Témi)
    Pater Noster
    O Séya Siséya
    Lambé Toyi (Senga Doyi)
    Yé Bobé
    God Bless Cameroon
    Es’ Eyayé
    Dimbéa Pimbéa
    Wé Mba Tiki
    O Dini Longué
    Gao Mali

Étienne MBAPPÉ : Lead & backing vocals,
Basses - Electric, Acoustic, Fretless
& soprano Guitars - Cavaquiño.
Cate “Éndalè” PETIT : Backing vocals.
Clément JANINET : Violin.
Cédric BAUD : Electric, acoustic,
soprano and bottle neck Guitars.
Nicolas VICCARO : Drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -


Caio Fernando - Berê (2013)

“Caio, para de tocar um pouco” - disse Berenice ao avistar o noivo novamente ao piano. Para não deixa-la chateada, ele disse que faria uma música para ela. E fez um disco.

Berê é o segundo trabalho de Caio Fernando, também conhecido como Caio do Baixo. O músico, que lançou Fabergé no ano passado, é referência do instrumento no Estado e figura constantemente em apresentações de John Mueller, Mareike Valentin e Mazin Silva, além das bandas Marvins e Supreme Lounge.

O novo disco foi gravado em junho no RVB Estúdio com pitadas de música brasileira em meio a uma concepção norteada pelo soul e pelo jazz. A produção musical é assinada por Caio e Raul Misturada, a capa foi feita por Bernardo Tomsons e você pode conferir o resultado abaixo.

O time responsável pelo projeto foi a campo com Jackson Carlos na guitarra, Junior Marques no piano, Helio Reichert no sax e JP na bateria. O amigo de longa data Mazin Silva participou da faixa “Santiago” e as oito músicas presentes no álbum refletem a qualidade do atual momento da nossa música.

“Elas foram inspiradas em meu momento de vida atual. "Free" e "Hand" foram compostas no momento da gravação, sem nenhum preparo de ideias, deixando fluir o momento. Na verdade essas músicas são uma só, por isso o nome Free Hand, ou seja, foi tocado de maneira totalmente livre. Depois decidimos dividir ela em duas partes”, revela Caio.

Jota Fortinho, que agora encabeça a Muse Brasil Tribute, não poupa elogios. “O instrumental sempre foi a área dele. Conheci o Caio quando ele tinha 14 anos, tocamos juntos em vários projetos, ele manda muito. O novo disco traz um som muito inspirador”.

Para concordar com Jota, clique nos players abaixo e confira o novo trabalho de Caio. Para adquirir um CD, é só mandar um e-mail para este endereço. O meu já está encomendado. Viva o som. Escrito por Dane Souza

Caio Fernando: baixo
Helio Reichert: sax
Jackson Carlos: guitarra
Junior Marques: piano
JP: bateria

1) Berê 04:58
2) Break in the pipe 04:41
3) Free 01:58
4) Freud Groove 04:19
5) Hand 01:55
6) Regozijo 05:24
7) Santiago 08:56
8) Reflexões 05:24

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



Enrico Rava – Live In Casa Del Jazz, Rome (2006)


1) Hitchcock At The Beach 10:40
2) Algir Dalbughi 9:07
3) More 7:50
4) Happiness Is To Win A Big Prize 7:43
5) Certi Angoli Segreti 9:16
6) Suzie Wong 2:54
7) Cumpari 8:51
8) F. Express 8:44

Enrico Rava (tp),
Mauro Negri (tenor sax, clarinet), 
Giovanni Guidi (p),
Francesco Ponticelli (bass), 
Emanuele Maniscalco (drums).

Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz,
Rome 2006, February 20



Eddy Palermo & Roberto Menescal - Bossa Jam Session (2013)

O instrumentista, compositor e arranjador carioca Roberto Menescal traz ao palco do SESC Vila Mariana, em São Paulo, o músico italiano Eddy Palermo para o lançamento do CD “Bossa Jam Session”. Os músicos, acompanhados por um trio, apresentam canções do álbum lançado no ano passado que traz clássicos do estilo como “O Barquinho”, “Agarradinhos”, “Eu Sei Que Vou te Amar” e “Bye Bye Brasil”.

Eddy Palermo é um guitarrista sempre citado como referência do Jazz italiano. Palermo é um grande admirador da música brasileira e já tocou com grandes nomes como Nico Assumpção e Toninho Horta, além do prórpio Roberto Menescal.

01. O Barquinho 3:55 Roberto Menescal - Ronaldo Bôscol
02. Batida Diferente 3:45 Duruval Ferreira - Mauricio Einhorn
03. Só Danço Samba 3:15 Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes
04. Agarradinhos 4:33 Roberto Menescal - Rosalia de Souza
05. P'ruzé 4:17 Roberto Menescal
06. Samba da Creuza 4:27 Eddy Palermo
07. Preciso Aprender a Ser Só 4:36 Marcos Valle - Paulo Sergio Valle
08. Vagamente 4:55 Roberto Menescal - Ronaldo Bôscol
09. Samba de Verão 4:34 Marcos Valle - Paulo Sergio Valle
10. Eu Sei Que Vou te Amar 4:25 Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes
11. Wave 3:54 Tom Jobim
12. A Rã 3:47 João Donato - Caetano Veloso
13. Bye Bye Brasil 3:17 Roberto Menescal - Chico Buarque

Eddy Palermo - Guitar
Roberto Menescal - Violão
Adriano Souza - Piano
Adriano Giffoni - Bass
João Cortez - Drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

Brian Lynch and Emmet Cohen in quartet and duo - Questioned Answer (2014)

Source: Band Camp

This intergenerational collaboration between Grammy© Award winning trumpeter Brian Lynch and new piano star on the modern jazz horizon Emmet Cohen combines new school excitement and exuberant swing. In the quartet setting, joined by legendary drummer Billy Hart and master bassist Boris Kozlov, Lynch and Cohen present a program of their own searching and often epic original music, bridging traditional and contemporary sounds with virtuosity, passion and swinging aplomb. And as a duo, they essay and recast jazz classics and standards (both classic and contemporary) with warmth, intelligence and lack of cliche, often journeying into uncharted territory only bound by their searching imagination and desire to swing.

The musical lock between Lynch and Cohen has roots that go beyond the work they've put in towards crafting a distinctive sound in both quartet and duo formats. Their common ground in committing to grounded, yet contemporary and uncliched playing and composing, coupled with the mixture of Lynch's magisterial command and Cohen's poised beyond his years musicality, has resulted in a original and compelling new group sound tailored for today's listener.

Quartet and Duo:

1. Cambios 07:39
2. Dark Passenger 07:33
3. How Deep Is The Ocean 08:25
4. Buddy 09:08
5. Distant Hallow 08:33
6. I Wish I Knew 07:20
7. Petty Theft 11:21
8. Just In Time 06:06
9. Questioned Answer 07:43
10.Blues By Four (bonus track) 05:50

Brian Lynch trumpet and flugelhorn
Emmet Cohen piano
Boris Kozlov bass
Billy Hart drums 


1. Cup Bearers 06:41
2. It Might As Well Be Spring 07:07
3. I Wish I Knew (alternate version) 06:43
4. Asiatic Raes 04:09
5. My Ideal 06:10
6. Steeplechase 05:52
7. Yardbird Suite 01:54

Brian Lynch trumpet and flugelhorn
Emmet Cohen piano 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
      is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -