Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Charles Gayle Quartet - Raining Fire (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"The all-out assaults of his earlier sessions gives way here to a more open rhythmic sensibility. Gayle's playing takes on an emotionally incantatory urgency here over the shifting layers of dual basses and Wimberly's tumbling, flexible attack. Raining Fire is the more fiery of the two CDs, from the opening blasting hurricane charge through In Christ with Gayle's most incendiary playing of the two. Translations (Silkheart 134) and Raining Fire are welcome additions to Gayle's growing discography, documenting Gayle's uncompromising intensity and continued growth." 
Michael Rosenstein, Cadence, November 1994

Standing on a Chinatown streetcorner, waiting for his ride to a New Jersey studio for day two of recording Raining Fire and Translations (Silkheart 134), Charles Gayle found himself flanked by two guys who wanted him to do something - wanted him to document his playing on chord changes. Gayle's Rollins-like hurtling hurdles usually heard during second sets, live are startling, all the more to folks who keep insisting outcats can't really play.

So these two unlikely allies, with very different relationships with Gayle, were trying to get a stubborn independent to see things their way. One of them had gently pressed Charles...  more

1. In Christ 17:09
2. Blood's Finality 12:52
3. Death Conquered 15:34
4. Grace 14:50
5. Raining Fire 08:20

Charles Gayle tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, viola
William Parker bass, cello, half-size violin
Vattel Cherry bass, kalimba, bells
Michael Wimberly drums