Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bob Ackerman Trio - Old & New Magic (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"Ackerman and cohorts play some hard driving jazz on Old And New Magic, evoking aural images of the energy of the young Archie Shepp and the intensity of Charles Gayle... Morris and Charles have the ability to drive and direct this 'energy' music. This is a very strong rhythmic duo and often threatens to overpower Ackerman when he plays flute... As with most Silkheart releases, the sound quality heard here is above average, with the presence of bass and drums very definite. Old And New Magic will be enjoyed by all who appreciate creative improvised music." 
Leonard J. Bukowski, Cadence, May 1995 

When we got together at his home in Irvington, Bob Ackerman eventually asked me if I could suggest some suitable musicians for a group he'd like to put together. I thought for a while and told him I couldn't imagine anyone better to begin with than Wilber Morris, and he lived just a few blocks away. I called Wilber and he came over to visit us, with his bass. He was pretty weary after a day of rehearsals, but Wilber and Bob got along famously. They rapidly became firm friends and were soon musical buddies.

I came across Wilber Morris as one of the late Charles Tyler's friends and I recall him speaking well of Wilber on any number...  more

1. Mr. Knox 07:14
2. Dennis is Driving 07:19
3. Tres X 4 07:03
4. Tranein' In 10:21
5. Ode to Johnny Hodges and Benny Carter 08:31
6. Re: Béla Bartók 16:06
7. Voices Beyond 14:14
8. The March That Stopped the Band 03:56

Bob Ackerman saxophones, clarinet, flutes
Wilber Morris bass
Dennis Charles drums