Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Roy Campbell Pyramid - Communion (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"The music and perhaps also the recording technique, cause the sound to be utterly woven together and this promotes listening to the whole picture rather than to the details, which I find attractive. We hear how the group, tightly together, works itself forward. Campbell's impressions and influences come from different cultures and parts of the world, but this music is incontrovertibly modern American jazz." 
Leif Carlsson, Gränslöst, March 1995 

"That trumpeter Campbell is a part of New York's downtown scene is apparent in the fire and adventure of this trio session. Parker and Nicholson, two other major voices on the scene, are phenomenal, often keeping both melody and rhythm going while Campbell shows off out front. Together the three create beautiful work." 
Jerome Wilson, Option, July 1996

"At whatever point you hit on a circle, it's still a circle," says trumpeter Roy Campbell, whose Communion is his third outing as a leader and his debut recording with his Pyramid trio of Campbell on trumpet, pocket trumpet, fluegelhorn and various percussion instruments, William Parker on bass and Reggie Nicholson on drums.

There's much in the lineage of Campbell's music, from a lyricism reminiscent of Gil Evans' rich orchestrations for...  more

1. Communion 09:15
2. Vigilance 09:18
3. Chant for Don Cherry 12:04
4. Air Pockets 14:32
5. Blues for Albert and Don Ayler 15:22
6. One for Hannibal 14:10

Roy Campbell trumpet, fluegelhorn, pocket trumpet, cornet, percussion
William Parker bass, percussion
Reggie Nicholson drums, percussion