Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hal Russell - Joel Futterman Quartet: Naked Colours (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"Mostly one is washed over in a turbulent gush of geyser power like the wild snaking of a firehose on the rampage. Russell has a worthy sidekick in Joel Futterman, whose manic, deftly fingered piano playing blows up a storm. Textures collide and capsize, thrown upon each other with not a thought for thrift or stability. These two manically ecstatic musicians are backed up by virtuoso bass and drums playing."
Thomas Millroth, Gränslöst, April 1996 

"Futterman's blazing melody-tumbles fall into one another in a most impressive cadence, but Russell's full tenor/sop/tpt range is also on breathtaking display – playful honking, upper-register overblowing, and manic flashing runs that simply swing very f. hard. All spilling so much energy and sounding so alive that any last date scenario claims would seem rather mawkishly inappropriate." 
Nick Cain, Opprobrium, November 1996

Consider the chances. The brief musical association between Hal Russell and Joel Futterman is one of those lasting "what ifs." As products of Chicago's jazz scene they are a full generation removed. Until 1991, they had never met despite both having devoted 20 years to the uncompromising development of the free jazz form. They performed two concerts together, the first ever in Berlin for...  more

1. Part I: 278,000 Shades 19:31
2. Part II: Solid Colours 21:56
3. Part III: Naked Colours 23:43

Hal Russell trumpet, tenor and soprano saxophones
Joel Futterman piano, recorder
Jay Oliver bass
Robert Adkins drums