Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mark Lotz / Alan Purves - Food Foragers (UNIT RECORDS 2018)

Percussion, toys and surprising sound objects meet the family of of flutes and electronics. Music ranges from minimal to jazz, noise and world. Recorded, mastered and edited by Björn Warning, Warning Studio, Amsterdam at. June 12 & 28, 2017.

1. Abu In The Sky
2. Hog Time
3. Echoes Of A Life Hereafter
4. Piepkuiken (For Hermeto)
5. Petal Of A Rose
6. Endurance
7. Ice Breath
8. Kingfisher
9. Back Scratcher
10. River
11. Belly Buttons
12. Food Foragers
13. Hanging Out
14. Lullaby For Time
15. I'm So Sorry Blues

Total playtime 55:21

Mark Alban Lotz - Picollo, Concert-, Alto-, Bass-, PVC Contra Bass Flute, Bass Flute Headjoint, Concert Flute Body, Prepared Flute, Indian Bamboo Flute (Bansuri), Voice, FX

Alan Gunga Purves - Tin Whistles, Brim Bram, Tambourine, Wee Shakers, Toy Pigs, DaDa Bells, Balafon, Handclaps, Frame Drum, Cymbal Bells, Toy Accordion, Sruti Boxes, Toy Horns, Klaxons, Balacone, Whirlies, Toy Carousel, Breath, Toys, Hemarimbas, Cow Bells, Shakers, Horns, Wee Frying Pans, Toy Pigs, Doppler Squeaks, Hang, Cowbell, Toyhorn, Frame Drum, Clock Chimes

All tracks by Mark Lotz/Alan Purves
Except: Track 7 by Duke Ellington/Alan Purves/Mark Lotz. Tracks 4, 8, 14 by Lotz

Track 5, song Djarabi from Mali (traditionally arranged by Lotz/Purves). This track ‘Abu In The Sky’ is dedicated to the memory of Abu Dijgo (Aboubecre Diougo).
Track 11 has some of the traditional melody Bitique from Mali.
Track 2 is inspired by Chick Corea’s Children Songs. It is a composition for the silent movie ‘The Endurance’ by Frank Hurley, documenting the Endurance Expedition to the Antarctica led by Captain Ernest Shackleton in 1914-17.