Sunday, April 10, 2016

Daniel Díaz - Swan Song (2015)

This album is called Swan Song. Here you will find the last chapter in the research I started with my very first album in 1993. In terms of style, Swan Song can be considered as the third and last part of a trilogy (started with The Years Alone and Segundo Ciclo in between) of solo "composer" albums where I can also show my skills as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger, and gather compositions written in different places and times, with varied styles and instrumentations. 

Here you’ll find simple and catchy instrumental compositions with strong, sensitive melodies, passionate and sophisticated harmonies and atmospheres, rather gentle rhythms and a variety of instruments and sounds. 

In Swan Song there are tracks with odd and irregular metric, unexplained modulations, dozens of time-signature changes, erroneous dissonances, tempo shifts, etc. But hopefully it all goes unnoticed (only visible to the musicians who read the sheet music and to those who try to transcribe this music). 

DD November 2014

Daniel DIAZ  is an Argentinean bass player and multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer and composer. He recorded several  solo albums, from 1993 "The Years Alone" to 2015 "Swan Song", including his best sellers: 2010  "Musique Mécanique" and 1997 "LOW Vol. 1": an album fully performed on acoustic and electric basses. 

His production music (films-TV) is present on some of the most prestigious publishers and music libraries in the world.

In the above menu you'll find his Bio in three different languages, as well as full discography and links mp3 samples.

01. Otoño y Martes (love theme number 1) 02:25
02. Os Historicos 01:41
03. Romantica Cromatica 07:18
04. Antefinal 06:55
05. Ganimedes 04:31
06. Erik Satie’s Farewell 05:33
07. Alexis Luminoso 01:48
08. Tristesse Collateral 03:33
09. Same Old Song 03:35
10. Harold's Lake 05:04
11. Resumé (Swan Song) 04:59

Released October 15, 2015 

Composed by Daniel Díaz.

Performed by D.D. : basses, guitars, pianos, vibes, hang, harmonium, percussion, accordina, charango, ukelele, synths

These great musicians gave life to these songs and added musicality and talent to Swan Song. They managed to interpret the meaning I intend of all this: simplicity and beauty prevail over technique. 

Steve Arguelles (UK) Drums 
Patrick Bebey (Cameroun): Fender Rhodes 
Gustavo Bulgach (USA/Arg) Clarinet 
Javier Estrella (Argentina): Drums 
Leandro Guffanti (Argentina/FR): Soprano sax 
Damian Jarry (France) Cello 
Line Kruse (Danemark) Violin 
David Lewis (Australia) Flugel Horn 
Olivier Manoury (France) Bandoneon 
Daniel Miguez (Argentina) Drums 
Norberto Pedreira (Argentina): Guitar 
Bobby Rangell (USA): Sax & flute 
Luis Rigu (Argentina/FR): Quena, Sikus, Flutes 
Inor Sotolongo (Cuba): Congas 
Miguel Yanover (Argentina/FR): Tenor Sax 

Cover photo: Juan Hitters



Daniel Diaz - Tristesse Collateral