Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Nick Mazzarella & Tomeka Reid - Signaling (NESSA RECORDS 2017)

Cellist / composer Tomeka Reid and saxophonist / composer Nick Mazzarella have become valuable contributors to the Chicago music scene(s) for over a decade. This collection of duets demonstrates equally their instrumental skills and innate musicality. The saxophone / cello combination goes back to, at least, the '50s with the Chico Hamilton Quintet and recordings by Eric Dolphy and Ron Carter in the '60s. Most relevant here though is the pairing of Julius Hemphill and Abdul Wadud in the '70s and beyond.

Recorded April 17, 2015 Fox Hall Studio, Chicago

1. Blues For Julius And Abdul 6:37
2. Signaling 3:51
3. Like So Many Drops Of Water 3:58
4. Interstices 2:07
5. The Ancestors Speak 4:18
6. Topographies 7:27
7. Rediscovery Of An Age 4:31
8. Let It Be Known 5:14
9. Invoking A Spirit 2:12