jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

Pep Mula - Mula (2015)

Source & Label: Underpool

MULA          Pep Mula   

M U L A és el debut discogràfic del bateria Pep Mula, un treball en què el músic barceloní mostra la seva vessant més personal. Els nou originals enregistrats pel segell són el punt de partida per desenvolupar el seu univers sonor juntament amb els músics que l’acompanyen, pels qui confessa una admiració sincera.

Mula és la fi d’un procés que ha estat llarg en el temps on el bateria Pep Mula, conscient del seus limits explora nous camins per continuar creixent com a músic. El mosaic que conformen les seves composicions descriuen a vegades sentiments com l’admiració a Big Dani o Il·lecram, en altres ocasions són jocs melòdics com a 12x12
o rítmics com a Plàstic o tan sols volen transmetre senzillesa com a Ve baixa o Porta oberta.

La seva experiència tant en el terreny del pop, com en el del jazz i músiques improvisades es poden apreciar en aquest nou projecte on no ha volgut renunciar a cap de les seves experiències per tal de mostrar-se tal com és.

Pep Mula forma part del projecte del guitarrista Dani Comas Mytic Flugerlhorn Band, del grup d’improvització Freenetics, del Trio Palalú juntament amb Txema Riera i Paco Weht, és bateria habitual de Sanjosex i també ha col·laborat amb Paul Fuster, Pau VallvéXarim Aresté i Maika Makovski.

1. La Cueva 04:37
2. Plàstic 04:48
3. 12x12 04:43
4. Big Dani 07:04
5. Gall de Fer 03:40
6. Porta Oberta 03:36
7. Nou 04:11
8. Ve Baixa 03:41
9. Il.lecram 04:45

Pep Mula, Bateria i composicions
Jordi Matas, Guitarra
Txema Riera, Fender Rhodes
Marc Cuevas, Contrabaix
Miguel "Pintxo" Villar, Saxo Tenor 



James Muller Adelaide Quartet - Live @ COMA 2015 02 09

“James Muller is a mountain of guitar virtuosity…All the things that are the most effective in jazz, rock, blues and country guitar emerge naturally at the right time, in the right place and it can give the listener shivers.”-John Clare. Sydney Morning Herald
James was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1974 to musical parents. He became interested in music at an early age and began playing the guitar at the age of 12. Initially inspired by rock music of the sixties and seventies his love of jazz took over at the age of 16. Two years later James was gigging in the working band of renowned clarinetist/saxophonist Andrew Firth with whom he stayed until 1994.
After working with the cream of Adelaide’s jazz and rock musicians James relocated to Sydney in the summer of 1996, where he quickly became one of the most in-demand guitarists in the country.
He has played and/or recorded with:
Vince Jones, James Morrison, Dale Barlow, Mike Nock, Renee Geyer, Bernie McGann, Don Burrows, Mark Isaacs, Sean Wayland, Steve Hunter and Scott Tinkler as well as international artists Chad Wackerman, Bill Stewart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson, Steve Tavaglione, Maria Schneider, Tim Ries, Tony Moncao, Donny McCaslin, Bob Sheppard, Matt Penman and Jochen Rueckert.



Keller/Murphy/Browne - Travellers (2015)

Source & Label: Jazzhead

The Keller Murphy Browne combination was a precious one. Emerging organically out of Al Browne's residency at Bennetts Lane, and a particular affinity between the three musicians that grew and simply grew, it had its own voice - as trios do. With Allan's passing in June 2015 this recording taken from two gigs in the Bennetts Lane small room in February 2015 has special significance.

I listen to Travellers on the train to my country home. I listen coming in to the city. The lambs gambol with more vitality with 'Queen for Tea' in the ears. Willows along a river are more evocative with Tamara Murphy’s bass, alongside the tender lyricism of Andrea Keller's piano in ' A Call, A Whisper'. And Al Browne ever perfectly present in the background. The heart contracts at the sound of Al reciting poetry in 'Empty Garden', and the landscape takes on extra meaning with thunderstorms looming and my own sense of dislocation palpable.

We are all travellers here, and you could do no better than to join this band of intrepid wanderers. Tamara’s strong hands and strong ideas imbue her with the qualities of a warrior. I would not mess with Tamara Murphy, but I would choose her at my back. She sees and plays patterns and the world makes different sense with her in it. Andrea is an intellect — and hers is an emotional intelligence. Quicksilver thinking, light, strong and sensitive fingers on the keyboard; a considered and infallibly creative touch. And behind them, always, Al with his gifts and enchantment; the witty, wiry conjuror of our Monday nights.

I'm only a listener, and susceptible to music. I don't know how a musician evokes this emotion or that. Without knowing which chord or combination or other technicalities carry me on the intention of the composer and player, I am happy to listen, and to go where I am taken.

‘It’s in our garden that I miss you most,’ recites Al. I am sure that Andrea and Tamara miss him everywhere. Fare thee well.

This journey is one I commend to you.    Miriam Zolin  (October 2015) 

1. If I Should Lose You 06:50
2. Queen for Tea 05:47
3. Travellers 06:45
4. All the Colours Grey 09:50
5. A Glimpse of the Past 08:04
6. Empty Garden 04:34
7. Cyclosporin 05:18
8. Hackensack 03:59
9. A Call, A Whisper 07:17

Andrea Keller - Piano
Tamara Murphy - Double Bass
Allan Browne - Drums



FAT - Living the Dream (2015)

Source & Label: Abstractlogix

Machacek's Fabulous Austrian Trio, featuring bassist Raphael Preuschl and drummer Herbert Pirker. With the sensitive touch of a jazz guitarist, the intervallic ingenuity and harmonic density of a post-serialist composer, and a seemingly endless capacity for improvisational empathy, Machecek has been turning heads on his own and when performing alongside such iconic musical forces as Terry Bozzio, Jeff Sipe, and Gary Husband. No less than John McLaughlin remarked that "Machacek's music starts where other music ends."
Born in Austria – native nation of Haydn, Strauss, Webern, and Schoenberg – Machacek revels in the company of his countrymen throughout Living the Dream. In Preuschl and Pirker, Machacek has cultivated a trio of boundless resourcefulness, with the technical capacity to support and enrich his ecstatic flights and the depth and taste to keep the potentially demanding music emotionally grounded. Machacek’s deft hand as a producer further elevates the trio’s captivating dynamic with cunning electronic touches and subtle overdubs. Across a program of eleven original compositions (four by Preuschl, the rest Machacek’s), Living the Dream is a compelling document of a remarkable new ensemble as they fearlessly probe the boundaries of a post-fusion universe.

1. Disco Hit 05:14
2. Hippedie Hop 06:23
3. ByeBye 06:46
4. Argonaut 02:53
5. Flexibility 07:37
6. Quinte Et Sens 02:46
7. Aux Delices De Tunis 02:31
8. L'Appel De La Mer 03:58
9. La Linea 03:20
10.Repeat After Me 05:11
11.Oh Lard 07:22

Alex Machacek (Guitar)
Raphael Preuschl (Bass)
Herbert Pirker (Drums)