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So Percussion & Bobby Previte - Terminals (2014)

Source: New Music Usa
Label: Cantaloupe
Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Bobby Previte, composer, and SO PERCUSSION, with guest soloists, are planning to record TERMINALS, Part 1: DEPARTURES for a September 2014 CD release.
TERMINALS is a thrilling and prolific meeting of the classical and the improvised worlds. The work exists in five discrete movements in the tradition of the concerto form - one movement for each of five master improvisers supported by a classical percussion ensemble.
Airport terminals have fascinated the composer for as long as he can remember. As a young boy, Previte used to sneak out onto the  runway of his hometown airport in Niagara Falls  and would lie down on the grass for hours as the jets thundered their take-offs directly overhead.
Flipping through an in-flight magazine one day in 2002, Previte, struck by how the shapes of the Terminal Maps pictured in the back suggested set-ups for percussion pieces, conceived TERMINALS.
The complete 90-minute piece places standard orchestral percussion instruments (timpani, snare drum, triangle) alongside those that were codified into 20th Century percussion literature (brake drums, anvils, almglocken), regional instruments highly associated with folk music (cuica, spoons, talking drum, timbales), electronic percussion (drum machine), and other unclassifiable elements (bullwhip), to fashion an indelible landscape. Pitting the precise percussion ensemble against the uncontrollable improviser, the inherent paradox in the concerto form is dramatically heightened in an attempt to reconcile the ever-fascinating comic book conundrum: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immoveable object?
TERMINALS is designed to create a landscape suited to each improviser. The concerto for Zeena Parkins’ harps features a lyrical steel drum section and a pitch shifted, processed vibraphone. John Medeski’s concerto splits the percussion into a huge composite trap drum set, matching the power of the Hammond. And the piece for Trap Drums engages the theatrical. It is a kind of homage to everything associated with the modern drum set - from making music out of the mistake of a dropped stick, to a development of the traditional drummer count-off,  and even including a real time set up and soundcheck of a drum set onstage - a  'see the blueprints' moment - while the other percussionists continue playing the piece. In TERMINALS, motifs and orchestrations re-occur and are re-orchestrated and transformed from concerto to concerto, unifying the separate sections into one meta-form.
The studio recording of TERMINALS will allow us to control all of the many sonic forces at play in this piece, and will be the definitive version of this work.

Side A | Terminal 1 | Zeena Parkins | 18:11
Side B | Terminal 2 | Greg Osby | 16:00
Side C | Terminal 3 | Nels Cline | 17:58
Side D | Terminal 5 | John Medeski | 17:37

So Percussion: Eric Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, Jason Treuting
with soloists:
Zeena Parkins, harp and electric harp
John Medeski, piano and organ
Jen Shyu, voice and er hu fiddle
DJ Olive, turntables
Bobby Previte, drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


SF Jazz Collective - Best of Live at the SFJAZZ Center October 10 - 13, 2013 (2014)


Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the SFJAZZ Collective
Recorded Live at the SFJAZZ Center, October 10-13, 2013

(San Francisco, CA, October XX, 2014) – SFJAZZ today released SFJAZZ Collective: 10, celebrating the SFJAZZ Collective’s 10-year musical legacy. 10was recorded during the SFJAZZ Collective’s four-night residency on the SFJAZZ Center’s Robert N. Miner Auditorium stage in October 2013. The ten tracks are performed by the SFJAZZ Collective’s current lineup: alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, tenor saxophonist David Sánchez, vibraphonist Warren Wolf, trumpeter Avishai Cohen, trombonist Robin Eubanks, pianist Edward Simon, bassist Matt Penman, and drummer Obed Calvaire. Over the last decade, the SFJAZZ Collective has produced a flow of fresh music of 71 original compositions and 75 new arrangements brought forth in the band’s thrilling live performances and captured on annual recordings that collectively document a rich chunk of 21st century jazz and the creative output of some of the music’s  most compelling artists.

The SFJAZZ Collective’s illustrious alumni include Bobby Hutcherson, Joshua Redman, Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas, Brian Blade, Stefon Harris, Nicholas Payton, Mark Turner, Renee Rosnes and Eric Harland, and others, was formed in 2004 by Redman and SFJAZZ Founder Randall Kline as a hot house for the creation of new music. They envisioned an intensive workshop where eight prime artists –each an accomplished instrumental soloist, composer and bandleader – meet for several weeks a year to write new music for those specific players and work new arrangements of music by modern masters like Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter, McCoy Tyner, Horace Silver, Stevie Wonder, and Chick Corea.

The SFJAZZ Collective comes together to rehearse, refine, and then perform the music for audiences in San Francisco, around the country and the world. This is still an intriguing idea – and a rarity in the jazz world – that has given rise to one of jazz’s most exciting ensembles and produced more than a few compositions and arrangements that bear repeating. There are ten such keepers on this celebratory 10th Anniversary album which covers a rich cache of music spanning a decade of the Collective’s work, recorded live by the current incarnation of the octet during its smashing four-night run at the new SFJAZZ Center in October, 2013. Performing for packed audiences in acoustically fine Robert N. Miner Auditorium, the Collective performed 16 selections from the band’s vast repertoire and culled ten of these recordings for this limited edition album.

This year, the SFJAZZ Collective will perform new arrengements of the brancingly original music of Joe Henderson, the late tenor saxopphone giant, multiple-Grammy winer, and composer who lived in san Francisco, and was long associated with SFJAZZ. This material along wit new origina compostions wil be recorded at the SFJAZZ Center from October 23-26, 2014 and a new multi-disc package wil be released in early December 2014.

Throughout its existence, Miguel Zenón says, “The Collective has featured some of the greatest musicians in jazz, the current configuration being no exception. For me, being around such a level of musicianship is very inspiring. It pushes to me to work harder and try to get better at what I do. Naturally, people become very close when they spend this much time together, so we’ve developed a sort of family environment which makes making music together even better.”

01. And What If I Don't - Herbie Hancock (arranged by Gil Goldstein)
02. Alcatraz - Dave Douglas
03. Frosted Evils - Matt Penman
04. Moment's Notice - John Coltrane (arranged by Gil Goldstein)
05. Visions - Stevie Wonder (arranged by Stefon Harris)
06. San Francisco Holiday - Thelonious Monk (arranged by Miguel Zenón)
07. Union - Eric Harland
08. Lingala - Miguel Zenón
09. When Will the Blues Leave - Ornette Coleman (arranged by Gil Goldstein)
10. More Than Meets the Ear - Robin Eubanks

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Daniel Juárez - Caminos (2014)

Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Daniel Juárez was born in 1992. His father, Francisco, shows him the music from the early age of 4. Began his musical career at age 10 studying saxophone with Oscar Iris. And years later with teachers as Bobby Martinez, Bob Sands or Germán Kucich. In 2011 he entered the Conservatory of Jazz Music in the Basque Country where he finished his professional degree in Saxophone Jazz modality.
From the age of 11 he partcipates in many projects and plays in some of the most prestigious stages of the Spanish geography. He has participated in the most emblematic Jazz Festivals in Spain and all types of musical events related to Jazz and contemporary music. He has also participated in several CD recordings.
He has been able to share the music and the stage with the biggest names of jazz in this country as Miguel Blanco, Jerry Gonzalez, Marc Miralta, Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina, Joaquín Chacón, Mariano Diaz, Israel Sandoval, Albert Sanz, Borja Barrueta, Guillermo McGill, Bobby Martinez, Carlos Martín, Xan Campos, Roger Mas, Felix Rossy, Bob Sands, Pepe Rivero, Victor Merlo, Toño Miguel, Hasier Oleaga, Sacri Delfino and etc..
Currently part on several bands as "The North Atlantic Jazz Connection", "Garob Quartet", "Seminal Jazz", or his own project with original music. Furthermore as part of projects like "Afrodisian Orchestra" and "Calle Caliente" directed by Miguel Blanco, "McGill Clan" led by the drummer Guillermo McGill, or "Joaquín Chacón & Mariano Diaz Quintet".
In 2010 won the "Young Sounds Talavera" award, in 2012 he won first prize for best soloist at the V festival Jazz Castellón. The award is granted by Jazz critic Claudio Cifuentes. In the same year he was a finalist in the contest V "Jazz Sur l` Herve " in Anglet (France). In 2013 Chema Garcia Martínez, Jazz critic of the prestigious magazine "Journals of Jazz," awarded him the title as one of the best Jazz musicians revelation of 2013. In 2014 he recorded his first job as a leader, "Caminos" ("Pathways") accompanied by outstanding musicians on the international scene as Borja Barrueta, Xan Campos, Antonio Miguel, Álvaro Valley and Roberto Nieva.

1. Anaphora 06:03
2. Caminos 09:16
3. Lesath y Shaula 06:19
4. Misterio en Klave 08:50
5. Turn Over More Answers 06:50
6. Interlude 1: Sueños Cumplidos 03:06
7. In All My Thoughts 03:53
8. 447 Crash 08:13
9. Interlude 2: Lo Que Está Por Venir... 01:55
10.Reverof Search 08:00

Daniel Juárez - tenor sax, soprano sax, voices
Xan Campos - piano, synthesizers
Álvaro del valle - guitar
Borja Barrueta - drums, electronic drums
Antonio Miguel - double bass
Roberto Nieva - alto sax

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington -