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Olli Hirvonen - Detachment (2014)

Olli Hirvonen is a Finnish jazz guitarist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He is one of the most accomplished Finnish guitarist of his generation, having already been chosen as the Artist of the Year of the Pori International Jazz Festival 2011 and having an international career well on it’s way.
Born in the city of Lappeenranta, a lakeside town in southeast Finland, he began his musical studies at the age of nine at the local music institute with classical guitar and piano.
After finishing high school in 2008, Hirvonen began his studies at the prestigious jazz department of Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where he got to study with Tim Hagans, Raoul Björkenheim and Teemu Viinikainen. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in June 2011.
In August 2011 he relocated to New York City to pursue his Master’s degree at the Manhattan School of Music, where he had a chance to study with such jazz luminaries as Rodney Jones, Dave Liebman, Jim McNeely, John Riley and Phil Markowitz. His curriculum there also included composing classical and electro-acoustic music. He graduated in the spring of 2013 with excellent grades.
Hirvonen has been performing with his own ensembles all around the world since 2008. These performances include festivals in Finland and abroad, including the Kennedy Center Nordic Cool 2013 Festival, UCLA European Jazz Festival, Sounds NEW Contemporary Music festival in UK, the main stage of Pori Jazz, the most famous jazz festival of Finland, and Tudengijazz in Estonia, and numerous clubs in New York and around, such as Cornelia St. Cafe, Bar Next Door, Bitter End, Stone Pony, Rockwood Music Hall and Caffe Vivaldi.
Hirvonen was nominated as the Artist of the Year of the Pori Jazz 2011 festival, which is one of the highest and the most visible recognitions in the Finnish jazz scene. Included in the award, his trio also worked as the house band for the 2011 festival.
The other ensembles he has been performing with are the international sextet Life Size, the trio Ohne, a winner of the Finnish Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition of 2010, and the big bands Umo Jazz Orchestra and The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band.
Hirvonen’s debut album Detachment was released in April 2014.

1.The Gift 05:48
2.One On One 06:49
3.Lightness 06:54
4.Midsummer Dream 06:04
5.Detachment 08:06
6.Leverkühn 04:42
7.The Other Inside 06:04
8.Submission 05:07
9.Selfless 04:56   

Olli Hirvonen - guitar
Frederick Menzies - tenor saxophone
Jeff Koch - bass
Philippe Lemm - drums 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


Moutin Factory Quintet - Lucky People (2014)

Label: Plus Loin Music
Source: Allaboutjazz

The Moutin brothers bassist François and drummer Louis co-lead their Moutin Factory Quintet on the delightfully engaging Lucky People, their first release with the above group. The intricately crafted tunes deftly interweave individual spontaneous expressions within each thematic framework bringing a stimulatingly dramatic sense to the music.

On the darkly simmering "Conflict," pianist Thomas Enhco's polished but passionate bluesy chords and saxophonist Christophe Monniot's wailing luminous sopranino fade in and out of the spotlight and remain integral parts of the melodic "plot." The band's expectant vamps punctuate Louis Moutin's explosive and complex concluding solo.

Equally climactic but significantly more introspective is the wistful "Forgiveness." Enhco channels his classical training with his chiming, pensive phrases that echo in the silent pauses that follow. His engaging, dialogue with the ensemble is imbued with nostalgia and leads to François Moutin's intensely poetic and eloquent improvisation.

The cinematic "You'll Be Fine" clearly demonstrates François Moutin's agile lyricism amid the intriguing harmonies brimming with an urbane mysticism. In contrast to Moutin's earthy reverberations stands guitarist Emmanuel Codjia's ethereal, electrifying tones that resonate in the tense ambience of the piece.

Codjia showcases a rawer but equally haunting sound on the elaborately constructed "A Busy Day." Riveting interplay among the different musicians marks this exciting track as well as the up-tempo and boppish "Moving On." The latter features crisp and clever exchange of ideas that evolves and becomes more multifaceted with each turn of the conversation.

This type of creative wit also marks "Dragonfly" with its soulful swagger and funky refrains. Moniot's intelligent extemporization thrills with its virtuosity and the flood of tightly interlaced, ardent lines that pours out of his saxophone.

Despite including an homage to saxophonist and free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman the "Ornette Medley," this sophisticated and captivating album remains solidly in the mainstream. Although the Moutin brothers do not push the proverbial envelope this uniformly superb work is full of elegant musicianship and imaginative originality. 

Lucky People
Ornette's Medley
A Busy Day
Moving On
You'll Be Fine

 Francois Moutin: bass
Louis Moutin: drums
Emmanuel Codjia: guitar
Thomas Enhco: piano
Christophe Monniot: saxophones 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


James Sherlock Quintet - Southwall (2001)

Southwall is a brilliant collection of new works and standards recorded by The James Sherlock Quintet.

The concept for Southwall came to James Sherlock whilst he and Mark Spencer were playing together in Sam Keevers’ 14-piece Los Cabrones. Sherlock wanted to put together a guitar / baritone / Hammond combo performing in the vein of the early George Benson recordings that retained its modern edge. 

The line up and material Sherlock assembled ensured that Southwall is no revivalist recording. The foundation of the Quintet is the tight knit team of James Sherlock (guitar), Howard Cairns (bass) and Tony Floyd (drums) - The James Sherlock Trio. The Trio have played together since 1995 (CD debut for Jazzhead in 1999), and there is no substituting the high level of communication that they have developed over this time. On the Hammond is Ben Grayson who brings not only his great talent but a rare humility and wit. Finally add to this the fat, fat sounds of Spencer’s Baritone steeped in a legacy created by legends such as Ronnie Cuber and you have The James Sherlock Quintet. 

Southwall cements its currency with the majority of the compositions originating from within the Quintet. Standards such as Rogers and Hart’s Bewitched, Bothered and Bewilderedand Kirk and Weston’s Berkshire Bluesare among the originals. These are t empered by new works from Sherlock, Spencer, Cairns and Grayson. Many of Sherlock’s pieces were composed whilst he, and wife Lee, were on an extended break from the Melbourne music scene travelling Australia’s east coast in an old Bedford bus. This choice of material confirmed that whilst Southwallmay have its roots in Benson stylings, the CD is very much current and original. Southwallis a quirky blend of bebop and groove contrasting with soulful and sensitive ballads.

‘Another mega-hip release...forever listenable. Meticulously crafted arrangements. Sherlock has an electrifying, Bensonish fluency... it's all fluid heat. He displays lightning speed and agility.’ The Age - Green Guide, Melbourne, 13 Sep 2001

‘Sherlock’s guitar swings and sizzles through the air. The CD informs and it  also provides a hell of a lot of fun. One to check out, definitely’ Drum Media, Sydney, 24 Aug 2001

‘Sherlock’s guitar work is clean and fluent throughout, whether he is burning at breakneck speed, grooving in a soul-jazz bag or strolling through an old standard. Very easy to listen to and enjoy.’ The Bulletin, 25 Sep 2001

'Feel-good, smart and addictive... another great release for Jazzhead.’ Sunday Herald Sun, 5 Aug 2001

James Sherlock: Guitar
Mark Spencer: Baritone Saxophone
Ben Grayson: Hammond Organ
Howard Cairns: Double Bass
Tony Floyd: Drums

01. Enter the Bantam
02. Half a Chance
03. Berkshire Blues
04. Blue Eye
05. Jive On Marko
06. The Quickening
07. Teardrop Tea
08. Southwall
09. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewilered
10. Keith's Coming to Town
11. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Stefan Orins Trio - Liv (2014)

Since 1996 and its first concerts in Lille, the trio of pianist and composer Stefan Orins, with Christophe Hache (double bass) and Peter Orins (drums) carries on its persevering and optimistic road.

3 albums, released on the Circum-Disc label respectively in 2004 (Natt Resa), 2006 (Bonheur Temporaire) and 2010 (Stöt) lead the trio to perform in clubs and festivals of many regions of France, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

« The deeper the roots, the more luxuriant the branches », this Buddhist maxim reflects the trio’s wealth, closely tied to its years of existence, bringing the music to controlled impulses; of mutual listening, sense of silence and space.

3 albums, sortis sur le label Circum-Disc, respectivement en 2004 (Natt Resa), 2006 (Bonheur Temporaire) et 2010 (Stöt), permettent au trio de sillonner les clubs et festivals des diverses régions de France, de Belgique, Suède, Lettonie, République Tchèque et Slovaquie.

« Plus les racines sont profondes, plus luxuriantes sont les branches », cette maxime bouddhique reflète la richesse du trio, étroitement liée à son ancienneté, amenant la musique vers des élans maîtrisés ; d’écoute mutuelle, de sens du silence et de l’espace.

Stefan Orins: piano
Christophe Hache: double bass
Peter Orins: drums

1. Initiales VV
2. Liv
3. Vicky the Cat
4. Upplösning
5. Henri Grouès
6. Bruxelles Charleroi
7. Kraków

Recorded in December 2013 by Peter Orins. Edition and mixing in January – March 2014 by Peter Orins.
Mastering Raphaël Jonin in April 2014.

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Joshua Redman Trio - Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle WA 10.12.14


Nuestro amigo ESTEBAN nos aporta la sesión que Joshua Redman realizó el pasado día 12 de Octubre en la ciudad de Seattle.

Muchas gracias ESTEBAN, es un honor!!!

"Redman ranks with the best saxophonists in the world. " — Boston Globe

The Pacific Jazz Institute at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley welcomes the Joshua Redman Trio with Ruben Rogers (bass) and Gregory Hutchinson (drums)