Thursday, January 21, 2016

Malstrom - Enter The Malstrom (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Malstrom

"The music of this trio is a perfectly played combination of progressive rock by bands like "Dream Theatre" or "Tool" and guitar-virtuosi like Yngwie Malmsteen and tricky Jazz by Steve Coleman or the expressivness from John Zorn. Moreover there is a juvenile simplemindedness and crispness that's fun to see. Everyone who expected Swing or Hardbop met with disappointment. But the ones who took time to listen and experience this music were having a stunning concert. Every break have sunk in, there's nothing crunchy, the countless rhythms change into even more intricate ones. [ . . . ] Maybe it's a brave decision to start the jazz week with such an edged contribution, but definitely an excellent one."
- BR-Blog, Ulrich Habersetzer, 19. March 2015

[…] What Malstrom is doing here is far away from stilistic classification: it is a heavy-metal-hardrock-freejazz-experiment under high voltage, a sudorific sensory-rush and an excessive playing with the musical elemental force.
- Passauer Neue Presse, Dorothea Walchshäusl, 19. March 2015

„ Axel Zajac, Salim Javaid and Jo Beyer are creating more colors and room for association than you might think by seeing the lineup with guitar, saxophone and drums. Their joy with destruction transforms their music into a humourous commentary on the possibilities of contemporary Jazz. Reason enough to award them with the 7. Europäischer Burhauser Nachwuchs-Jazzpreis ", the jury illustrates.
- Redaktion JazzZeitung, 18. March 2015

"[...] One of the performing bands was "Malstrom", a trio with an exceptional lineup. A saxophonist, a guitarist and a drummer interpreted their own original compositions like "Colorful flowers in the greenfield". With his unconventional 8-string-guitar, Axel Zajac engaged in an equally unconventional exchange of blows with saxophonist Salim Javaid. Beatiful, melodic passages were counteracted with experimentally associative ones, entrenched listening habits were vaporized."
- Tom Bullmann , NOZ, July 2014

1. Intro 02:08
2. Ich Hatte Mal Ein Kissen Auf Dem Stand: "Es Gibt Nur Einen Gott - Belafarinrod" 06:09
3. Mercutio 03:17
4. Malstrom 05:54
5. Ein Monchichi Geht Nie Zum Frisör (Part I) 04:07
6. Wart Ihr Schonmal Auf Einer Bobbahn 06:45
7. Every You Every Me 05:01
8. Ein Monchichi Geht Nie Zum Frisör (Part II) 06:13

Salim Javaid - Saxophone
Axel Zajac - Guitar
Jo Beyer - Drums