Thursday, January 21, 2016

B.D. Lenz - Manifesto (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Cdbaby

Mix the styles of Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and you have the recipe for contempo-jazz guitarist B.D. Lenz. This New Jersey native has released nine CDs as a leader featuring such greats as Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Mark Egan, & Joel Rosenblatt among others. His music has been featured on hundreds of TV shows globally for MTV, VH1, A&E, Comedy Central, USA, Spike, HGTV, etc., and his band has played thousands of gigs internationally.

"...Part of the reason for his accessibility is that he not only fuses jazz and rock, he complements it with warm chords of funk, soul, and rhythm and blues..." – New York Times

"Bottom Line: Lenz is a real embodiment of a guitar hero...But just like jaguars are born to run, Lenz is born to play...leaving the listener breathless in their musical journey with him. He is a big sound, a big talent..." – Jazz Inside Magazine 

1. Around the World
2. Karmalectro
3. Left, Right, & Wrong
4. True North
5. Slo' Yer Roll
6. The Distance Between Us
7. Zodiac
8. Seeing It Through
9. Natural Wonders
10. Tales from a Stranger
11. Manifesto

B.D. Lenz - guitar
Geoff Mattoon - sax & wind controller
Dan Paul- piano & keys
James Rosocha - electric bass
Ken Pendergast - acoustic bass
Abe Fogle - drums
Kevin Soffera - percussion,cymbals on "Tales from a Stranger"
Doug Hawk - vocals on "The Distance Between Us"