Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brenton Foster - Two Cities (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Cdbaby

Two Cities is about “home”; that ineffable influence which shapes us but doesn’t impose its limitations. We all seek bigger, more vibrant landscapes and dream of that which is beyond our horizon. This record is a meeting point, where individuals share their city to discover new perspectives of the places we call home.

Two Cities celebrates an ever-shrinking world; from a suburban backyard in Adelaide, travelling through the Colorado Rockies and landing in a recording studio in the East Village, the city in which this music finds its home.

The songs herein capture places in time, coloured and enriched through the cultures and traditions of each musician on this record. Sharing their stories is what takes this art form to a higher place and makes its pursuit so worthy.

1. Heller va Feller 07:53
2. Schulz 05:50
3. Hostelity 07:51
4. San Cristobal 02:24
5. Hudson Fysh 05:45
6. Stevens Street 05:05
7. Rainy Nights In The East Village 01:03
8. Insomniac 04:21
9. Disappearing 08:26

Piano: Brenton Foster
Trumpet: Tom Jovanovic
Sax: Gideon Brazil
Trombone: Nick Pietsch
Bass: Matt Clohesy
Drums: Kenneth Salters