Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Joel Futterman - 'Kidd' Jordan Quintet: Nickelsdorf Konfrontation (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

"For lovers of this music, here is a disc with a definitive place reserved for it, a very lofty place." 
Gustave Cerutti, Improjazz, October 1996 

"(Futterman) can zip out those tone clusters, which have given him a reputation as a Taylorite, but there is much variation in density – sometimes on this CD the clusters metamorphose into quiet little sprinkles in the top octave of the piano. His ability to move from keys to strings and back again continues to impress. Co-leader Edward 'Kidd' Jordan's duet with Futterman on Soul Mates is an excellent sample of his art; he always counterbalances his harshest outpourings with heartfelt lyricism. Elsewhere the music fares best when Jordan is setting the tone, as in the balladic first half of Nickelsdorf Summit, Part Two. Even when the proceedings begin to babble in tongues à la late-period Coltrane, his line is readily discernable and always coherent. Alvin Fielder contributes mobile drumming in the tradition of Ed Blackwell; just check out what he does on the tom-toms, and savor the solo that opens his piece in honor of Vernell Fournier (another key member of the New Orleans drumming fraternity). 
Robert L. Campbell, Cadence, April 1997 

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1. Hear with You 01:23
2. Soul Mates 09:03
3. Meeting Place 06:43
4. Nickelsdorf Summit: I. 07:55
5. Nickelsdorf Summit: II. 07:58
6. Nickelsdorf Summit: III. 03:17
7. Nickelsdorf Summit: IV. 06:48
8. Nickelsdorf Summit: V. 05:24
9. Nickelsdorf Summit: VI. 05:55
10. Nickelsdorf Summit: VII. 06:51
11. Fournier 05:18
12. Going with You 01:53

Joel Futterman piano, curved soprano saxophone, Indian flute
Edward 'Kidd' Jordan tenor saxophone
Mats Gustafsson tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Barry Guy acoustic bass
Alvin Fielder drums