Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Christian Pabst - Inner Voice (MOCHERMUSIC 2018)

“Exciting cineastic soundworlds (…) they can become an example of the European jazz piano trio scene” Jazzthing

“This beauty comes from within, from the depth of the music, and leaves space for always new associations” Jazzpodium

#A collection of poetic and soulful music” Jazzflits

“You believe to be taken into the depths of the soul” Jazzhalo

Marco Zenini/Christian Pabst/Erik Kooger (photo by Bart Voorbergen)

“Brilliant and deeply emotional” Musenblätter

“A mysterious sound-world whose fundament is an intriguing balance between composition and improvisation”

“Pabst is a virtuoso on his instrument as well as his musicians.
A virtuoso, complex but always melodic jazzalbum” Der Kultur Blog

**** ”Inner Voice” pays dues to its title and is thus anything but a loud work. And especially because of that it has a lasting impact. Poetic, introverted and with great intimacy (…) deep, sophisticated but never over-complicated jazz aesthetics”” Soultrain

“Inspired and imaginative” anbeat

“A clearly harmonic and lyrical CD at its best. 8 beautiful compositions” Köllefornia

1. Dantès' Dream
2. North-East, South & West
3. Lartigue
4. Shadows
5. Flabbergasted
6. Waiting
7. Inner Voice
8. A Promise

All compositions by Christian Pabst

Marco Zenini (bass)
Erik Kooger (drums)

Recorded by Joris Wolff @ PowerSound Studios, Amsterdam
Mixed and mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug @ Rainbow Studios, Oslo