Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Assif Tsahar Trio - Ein Sof (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

The Assif Tsahar Trio has recently been causing a stir in downtown New York music circles and at one or other summer jazz festival, as for example the one held in central Massachusets - at Amhurst - on July 27th, 1996. "The afternoon segment ended with a trio led by young tenor player Assif Tsahar. Joined by bassist William Parker and drummer Susie Ibarra, the three delivered a set of graceful muscularity. Tsahar is clearly influenced by players like David Ware and Charles Gayle, his full throaty tenor spilling out roiling waves and driving torrents. He is clearly developing his own voice on the horn, combining an energetic exhuberance and full command of the extended vocabulary of overblowing and harmonics with a sense of vocalized phrasing and open dynamics.

The combination of Parker and Ibarra was simply breathtaking. Parker has established himself as the pre-eminent bassist of Free Jazz. Building upon his tenure with Cecil Taylor, he has a potent command of shaping group interactions, slipping effortlessly between scorching arco and pummelling plucked lines. Having spent time studying with Milford Graves, Ibarra is quickly becoming a drummer of choice, working in ensembles such as those led by both Parker and David Ware. She masterfully drove the pulse of the music with circling...  more

1. Is Here Tomorrow Will 10:32
2. Ephemeral Symbiosis: III. 01:59
3. Ephemeral Symbiosis: II. 01:34
4. Through Forgotten Ancestors 12:31
5. Sun Drops 07:56
6. Ein Sof 07:12
7. Ephemeral Symbiosis: V. 02:37
8. Ephemeral Symbiosis: I. 01:34
9. Shadow Puppets 10:36
10. Internal Dialogue 11:38
11. Ephemeral Symbiosis: IV. 01:53
12. Ephemeral Symbiosis: VI. 01:43

Assif Tsahar tenor saxophone
William Parker bass
Susie Ibarra drums / percussion