Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: Ka​-​Real (SILKHEART RECORDS 2018)

Recorded nine months after Ernest Dawkins replaced Edward Wilkerson as featured reed artist, this session was recorded in fine sound at Delmark Studio in Chicago. The sound of the group has changed and developed somewhat, but the Ethnics still produce their own special kind of excitement when they perform. Previous Ethnic Heritage Ensemble CDs were Silkheart 108 and 142, this latest addition continues a worthy tradition.

"The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble's music will not only get under one's skin, it will seep deeply inside one's soul." 
Frank Rubolino, One Final Note, May 2002

The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble are minimalists. But their slow-burning mix of cycling African rhythms, somnambulistic patience, restrained intensity, and whispery near-silence is a strain of minimalism they invented. As leader/visionary Kahil El'Zabar says, "People are just starting to really understand what we're doing. Earlier, people talked about the music as some kind of primitive groove. They didn't understand the rhythmic complexities, the confluences, and how the harmonies that we write make it sound much bigger than it really is.

Now there are many people attempting to stretch the possibilities within a minimalist approach. We've been doing it for over...  more

1. Great Black Music 11:33
2. Sweet Meat 05:52
3. Ka-Real 07:49
4. Hang Tough 09:42
5. Kampfumo Shuffle 09:15
6. The Christening 07:33
7. Jam for the Babas 10:34

Joseph Bowie trombone, conga, drums, djembe, miscellaneous percussion
Ernest Dawkins soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute, miscellaneous percussion
Kahil El'Zabar earth drums, sanza, trap drums, miscellaneous percussion
Atu Harold Murray earth drums, flutes, dun-dun drum