Friday, April 27, 2018

Pieter Bast E.S.P. Quintet - La Condition Humaine (BUZZ May 4, 2018)

"La Condition Humaine" is the second album from The Pieter Bast E.S.P. Quintet: Jaspen Somsen, Pieter Bast, Bert Lochs, Michael Rörby and Mike Roelofs.

The second CD from the Pieter Bast E.S.P. (European Standards Project) Quintet: "La Condition Humaine" features all original compositions. It is an album full of the personal thoughts, ideas, experiences and memories of each of the band-members, resulting in 8 beautiful pieces containing elements of African music, Contemporary Jazz and Bebop, but also referring to the "Electric" period of Miles Davis during the '70 & '80's.

The music on the album is intense, full of tenderness and desire, but also sometimes rough, heavy and exciting with a unique frontline of trumpet and trombone. With "La Condition Humaine" the artists wanted to express their concern of today's world and the album is meant as a counterweight to the misery caused by mankind itself. To further accentuate this powerful, positive and hopeful message, the quintet is donating part of the proceeds from the sale of this CD to "Sounds of Change", an organization that brings the healing power of music to traumatised children from areas of conflict.