Friday, April 27, 2018

Matt Piet Trio - Live in Chicago (2018)

Pianist Matt Piet is joined by other notable rising Chicago improvisers Charlie Kirchen on bass and Julian Kirchner on drums. 

This compilation of three albums tracks the live, in-performance progress of three improvising musicians over six months: from autumn of 2016 to spring of 2017. 

"Live In Chicago" chronicles: 
three up-and-coming young improvisers 
in their first three live performances together as a trio 
at three of Chicago's most essential outlets for improvised music. 

"Matt Piet has so much to say and this [trio] becomes the perfect vehicle for it." - Philip Coombs, Free Jazz Collective

1. Improvisation One 22:27
2. Improvisation Two 18:55
3. Improvisation Three 10:14
4. A Tad Forward 04:46
5. Aluminum Ally 12:45
6. Trialogue 06:29
7. Assembly Required 08:58
8. Shan't Be Gone Long 08:22
9. I 24:22
10. IIa 09:02
11. IIb 06:14
12. IIc 05:39

Matt Piet, piano
Charlie Kirchen, bass
Julian Kirshner, drums