Friday, April 27, 2018

Jazz Area Metropolitana is going, Sile Jazz is coming!

Padova University

Friday 27 April, h 21.00
Stabulario - Porto Tolle (RO) 

"Silence on the River Soundscape"
final concert of
a Workshop in residence on the Po River: for one week lot of students and teachers from Padova University and several musicians worked together exploring the nature sound and silence at the mouth of the Po. The concert is the performing result after the long Workshop.

are going on during the week to continue the studiying of silence and to celebrate the Unesco International Jazz Day in Padova. The last gig is

Monday 30 April, h 21.00
Orto Botanico Auditorium
Bill Frisell (chitarra) / Thomas Morgan (contrabbasso)

Jazz Area Metropolitana is also involved in
spreading good music and culture to the beloved Veneto internal land and wonderful ancient residences.

Friday 27 April, h 21.00
Teatro Villa Belvedere - Mirano (VE)
with New Echoes - rassegna di nuova musica svizzera a Venezia / Consolato generale di Svizzera a Milano - and the support of Pro Helvetia

Simon Spiess (sax, bass clarinet) - Luzius Schuler (Fender Rhodes, synth)
Flo Reichle (drums, electronics) - Benedikt Wieland (bass, synth)

One of most eccentric and versatile bands in Switzerland (and Europe too)!

Friday 4 May, h 21.00
Villa Farsetti - Santa Maria di Sala (VE)
with Conte 131

Luigi Vitale (vibraphone, vibraphone prepared with chains, bass bow, MXR distortion, Memory boy Electro Harmonix) - Luca Colussi (drums, bells, gong and several sonorous objects)

“Stilelibero” means (also) freestyle: Luigi and Luca are really acrobatic crawlistst of percussion instruments.

Sunday 13 May, h 18.00
Aranciera Villa Pisani - Stra (VE)
Ingresso gratuito, prenotazione consigliata

Cristiano Arcelli (alto sax) - Stefano Senni (double bass) - Bernardo Guerra (drums)

Cristiano Arcelli Trio plays music which likes to be shaped while playing, something always changing towards new dimensions.

Do you know this place?

It's the bank of Sile, the nice Veneto river where organize
SILE JAZZ FESTIVAL - 7th edition

from 14th of June to 28th of July 2018
15 concerts
in several lands around the river
with a great gig on a boat, sailing the Sile's water!

Stay tuned for new surprise.
In few days the new program will be online on