Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bangin' Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet - Let's Get Weird (2018)

Award winning danish jazz band releases new album!

Bangin´ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet is one of the most exiting jazz artists in Denmark right now. In 2014 they won a Danish Music Award for ‘Best upcoming band of the year’. Their second album ‘You’re Beautiful, I’m Beautiful Let’s Have a Beautiful Night’ have been played frequently on the Danish Jazz Radio P8 and received an award for one of the best albums in 2016! May 18, 2018 they release their third album called ‘Let’s Get Weird’. The album is recorded in New York with the world class jazz musician Gilad Hekselman as artistic producer. In the September 2016 Bangin’ Bülows travelled to New York city to record their 3rd studio album, under the wings of Gilad Hekselman.

Hekselman offered to produce the album, when he heard the band playing in Copenhagen in 2015. After the collaboration started, a lot of work was put into making this album something really special. It was recorded in the Bunker studio the 8th and 9th of September in New York. The album was later mixed by Ziv Ravitz and Gilad Hekselman. And finally mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros. 

"From the first moment I heard these guys, I could tell they were dealing with very original, individual music that 
has some influences, but mainly a unique sound and aesthetic of its own. This music is adventurous, daring, honest, 
and groovy!" – Gilad Hekselman

“There is so much music out there today and the task of getting a unique sound and Identity is harder then ever. In this ocean of 
music this band has managed to create such a strong voice and Identity! I am proud of their music and honest search of their voice.” – Ziv Ravitz

1. Sugardating 05:03
2. Banger 04:04
3. Bato Bébé 06:36
4. Spasiba 04:11
5. Clarabinkz 04:10
6. New Shit 05:04
7. Ofigenno 02:07
8. Cheap Weed 04:26
9. Dreamland 03:40