Thursday, June 7, 2018

Alex Bellegarde Quartet - Caminando (2018)

"Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar" Antonio Machado 

"I love the freedom of jazz and the joy of Cuban rhythms. I wanted to write music that reflects this and makes the best of each musician’s unique style: Cuban-born pianist Yoël Diaz, alto saxophonist Erik Hove, and drummer Yvon Plouffe. Guest percussionist, Cuban-born Orlando Lavielle on congas, joins us on the album which was cut in a single session at Studio Karisma, Montreal. My idea - to have a sound as close to ‘live’ as possible with the sort of playing which is spontaneous yet structured." Alex Bellegarde

1. Caminando 07:26
2. Got Lip 06:14
3. Native 06:54
4. Timba Tune 07:05
5. Brown's Groove 06:39
6. A Blues or Not ! 05:16
7. La Vaca 05:55
8. Desert 06:54
9. En moins de deux 01:42
10. Driving on a rainy night 05:38

Yoel Diaz - piano
Erik Hove - alto sax
Yvon Plouffe - drums

Special guest
Orlando Lavielle - congas