Monday, May 21, 2018

Saint Ballantine - All Saints Day (SNOW DOG RECORDS June 1, 2018)

Before coming together to form Saint Ballantine, Brooklyn-based duo Andrew Thomas Reid and Brian 'Sene' Marc were busy pushing creative boundaries on their own. As one half of Denitia & Sene, Brian notably caught the attention of Rolling Stone with their lilting electro-soul and striking style. Andrew, an artist, creative director, producer, and visionary with a penchant for branding, helped to materialize a communal incubator for young artists in Brooklyn called the Clubhouse (aka ClubCasa). 

The production duo pride themselves on blending aspects of various genres in both their musical elements and lyrical content. Dark and meaningful concepts are often encased in intricate downtempo jams, making each Saint Ballantine track worth exploring. Both musicians specialize in mixing numerous influences and shared priorities, but the music is never harsh or restrictive. “Although Saint Ballantine has sharp sonic opinions, it’s really accessible to a lot of people and I think that’s important,” says Reid. He and Marc successfully touch on complex situations as well as lighter universal topics, allowing virtually anyone the chance to connect with the group. 

Hollis Wear, who appeared on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Walls” with memorable results, is the lone feature on a cross-cut album of minimal neo-soul, R&B and indie pop, with millennial takes on folk and psych. “All Saint’s Day” celebrates the moody and ethereal, its layered soundscapes as much a sharp, angular pop record as one that stays poised, watching in the wings as an outsider. The humanized synthetics are sure to catch the ears of fans of The Weeknd, H.E.R., Frank Ocean, Porches and Børns.

1. di_4u
2. the stoned
3. ashes
4. slave
5. we all fall down
6. a.d.d. lover
7. the wolf
8. follow feat. hollis wear
9. cry, baby
10. maybe we were wrong
11. don't rush