Monday, May 21, 2018

Nelson Pari - Defining (2018)

"Defining," the latest EP from guitarist Nelson Pari is a showcase for his growth as a composer. At times, the music can be beboppish, straight-ahead or progressive. At all times, the music’s depth is captured in its emotion-filled melodies that are put forth and explored by a group of musicians who know what to do with such outstanding material. - Walter Kolosky (Author of Power, Passion and Beauty: The Legendary Story of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and host of the Jazz Rocks Podcast.) 

During my time in music college my teacher Giorgio Serci referred to me as a “pragmatic dreamer” and this EP is dedicated to him, as he is my favourite pragmatic dreamer of all.

1. Meet The Guv'nor
2. Over Dalston Junction
3. The Blue Arrow 1

Nelson Pari - Guitar
Simone La Maida - Sax
Fulvio Sigurta' - Trumpet
Claudio Vignali - Piano/Rhodes
Stefano Senni - Double Bass
Marco Frattini - Drums