Friday, April 6, 2018

Mareike Wiening - Free at Last (2018)

The music was an important element for Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. for disseminating their theses, messages and beliefs.

"Jazz speaks for and about life. The Blues tells of the difficulties of life, and if we look closely, the heaviest things are set to music that gives them a new hope or a sense of Triumph. "(Martin Luther King, Jr.)

This project takes up the core ideas of these two theologians and interprets them with the means of modern jazz.

1. Thesen 06:21
2. On Music 05:20
3. Undying Hope 06:21
4. Give Us the Ballot 04:27
5. We Shall Overcome 02:00
6. Nun Kommt Der Heiden Heiland 06:07
7. Verleih Uns Frieden Gnädiglich 05:08
8. Free At Last 05:48
9. I've Been To The Mountaintop 04:13

Yara Linss, voice
Markus Harm, alto saxophone
Florian Mueller, guitar
Alex Bayer, bass