Friday, April 6, 2018

John Zorn - Insurrection (TZADIK April 20, 2018)

Insurrection is an intense new instrumental project featuring guitar wizards Julian Lage and Matt Hollenberg with the incredible rhythm section of Trevor Dunn and Kenny Grohowski. Inspired by some of the greatest experimental novels of the 20th century the music is incredibly varied, combining rock, funk, blues, jazz, classical and more-often in the same song! Gnarly atonal melodies, bizarre harmonies, astonishing guitar fireworks and telepathic group interaction make this one of Zorn's most scintillating and adventurous new projects.

Everyone is playing at their best here, and you have never heard such sounds! As always Zorn pulls the very best out of the musicians and they play some of the most outrageous solos you have ever heard. Essential! Julian Lage, Matt Hollenberg, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Grohowski.

1 The Recognitions  03:39
2 Pulsations  08:24
3 A Void  04:47
4 Mason and Dixon  05:03
5 Progeny  02:50
6 The Journal of Albion Moonlight  06:54
7 The Atrocity Exhibition  04:43
8 The Unnameable  03:09
9 Cat’s Cradle  03:09
10 Nostromo  03:45