Monday, March 19, 2018

Eve de Castro-Robinson - The Gristle of Knuckles (RATTLE RECORDS 2018)

This album is a sideways manoeuvre for me. My previous recordings are faithful renditions of meticulously scored works, but this one is an entirely different beast. Sitting at my 60th birthday concert listening to Callum Passells’s coruscating take on Countercurrents and Ashley Brown’s thrillingly reworking of Tumbling Strains, I immediately felt a collaborative album of reimagined versions of my music coming on. The title for the album leapt out from a page of jazz poetry, the gristle of knuckles by Kyle Dargan, and soon after Steve Garden and I got to work.

Eve de Castro-Robinson

01 Doggerel
Nathan Haines (alto flute, C flute, bansuri)

02 ConunDRUMs 
Ron Samsom (drum kit, cymbals, percussion)
Kingsley Melhuish (hue puruhau, pumoano, tuba)

03 The long dream of waking
Don McGlashan (voice, guitars, horns, keyborads, percussion)  

04 Trouble, trouble mind
Delaney Davidson (voice, guitars, and various other instruments) 

05 Hau
Mere Boynton (voice, glass)

06 small blue 
Ron Samsom (cajon)
Kevin Field (piano)

07 Passion Flower
Kevin Field (piano) 

08 Countercurrents
Callum Passells (saxophone) 

09 Stumbling trains
Ashley Brown (cello, treatments)

10 Key rings 
Eve de Castro-Robinson (toy piano, kalimba, chiming toy, music box)
Steve Garden (chiming toy, arrangement)

All compositions © Eve de Castro-Robinson 2017, except Stumbling Trains by Eve de Castro-Robinson and Ashley Brown © 2017, and Key rings by Eve de Castro-Robinson and Steve Garden © 2017