Monday, March 19, 2018

Al Fraser & Phil Boniface - Ponguru (RATTLE RECORDS 2018)

Phil and Al began performing together in 1998 while studying jazz performance at Massey University Conservatorium of Music, now the New Zealand School of Music. Al’s journey with ngā taonga pūoro began in 1999 and he is now one of the leading performers of Māori musical instruments. Phil’s journey as a jazz bassist and composer led him to Canada for more than a decade where he played with some of the finest jazz musicians on the West Coast. With Ponguru, Phil and Al bring together the low voice of the double bass and the many voices of taonga pūoro in an exploration of timbre, space, melody, and our shared musical language.

01 Form (2:37)
02 Matter (3:17)
03 Space (3:28)
04 Kõrorohua (3:22
05 Kõrerorero (3:34)
06 Snare (1:52)
07 Time (3:15)
08 Rēkohu (2:31)
09 Conveyance (2:35)
10 Pūrerehua (2:57)
11 Pūtõrino Suite (7:32)
First Light (1:32)
Crossing (1:48)
Waiting (2:26)
Wayfaring (1:46)
12 Ponguru (3:13)

All compositions © Al Fraser and Phil Boniface, except Ponguru by Al Fraser, Phil Boniface, and Steve Garden

Al Fraser (ngā taonga pūoro)
Phil Boniface (acoustic bass)

Produced by Al Fraser and Phil Boniface
Recorded by Lee Prebble at The Surgery, Wellington, Sept 2017 and Feb 2018
Mixed and mastered by Steve Garden at Garden Shed Music Studio, Feb 2018
Design by UnkleFranc
Printing by Studio Q

Space by Phil Boniface and Al Fraser from Al Fraser on Vimeo.