Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble - Polygon (2017)

This album builds on the sounds and concepts of our previous album, Saturated Colour. The goal in writing was to expand upon ideas already in play, in addition to adding a layer of electronics to many of the tracks in order to fuse the timbres and broaden the sonic palette of the ensemble.

1. Tessellation 4:54
2. Fractured 6:07
3. Polygon 5:58
4. Morse Code 4:44
5. Metal Clouds 4:22
6. Inversions 5:52
7. Tetrahedron 5:25
8. Drift (re:synthesis II) 6:51
9. Octagon 2:33

Anna Webber flute, alto flute
Krisjana Thorsteinson oboe
Krista Martynes clarinet, bass clarinet
Andy King trumpet
Kate Bevan-Baker violin
Jean René viola
Jane Chan cello
Rémi-Jean Leblanc bass
Evan Tighe drums