Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Quantum Trio - DUALITY (Particles & Waves) 2017

DUALITY is a concept in which the music goes through the worlds of Particles and Waves. 

PARTICLES - the world that is tangible. The acoustic sound of the instruments - grand piano, saxophone and drums. Energetic, polyrhythmic tunes are mixed with calm yet intense ballads. The rhythm becomes the keynote of the whole album, joining both parts together. 

WAVES - the alternative reality. The world, where matter and energy interweave with each other. Tunes that escape from unequivocal definition, inspired by punk, ambient, electronic music or post-rock achievements.

Quantum Trio is an unconventional jazz trio established in Rotterdam in 2012 by Michal Jan Ciesielski, Kamil Zawislak and Luis Mora Matus. Their music ranges from dynamic compositions through lyrical ballads to rock energy anthems. The first album „Gravity” introduced the band to the European audience and was awarded „Debut Album of 2015” by Polish Jazz. Listen to the new album DUALITY!

1. Particles 09:12
2. Eigenstates 06:09
3. Entropy 06:46
4. Branes 08:27
5. Wave Function Collapse 06:18
6. Singularity 07:25
7. Annihilation 05:24
8. Here, There, Everywhere 04:03
9. Entanglement 05:22
10. Gravitons 06:51
11. Nebula 04:07
12. Muons 03:53
13. Light Years 05:27
14. Gluons 04:16
15. Photons 06:00

Juliana Martina - vocals (guest)


Sep 28
Gdansk, Poland

Oct 04
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Nov 16
Vilnius, Lithuania

Nov 18
Białystok, Poland