Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The New Richie Beirach Trio - Gaia (JAZZ SICK RECORDS 2017)

Richie about the album

I am very excited about my new trio, because it is different of anything I ever played or recorded in my long discography of over 40 years of recording. The combination of new instruments like the synthesizer, keyboard and vocoder of Regina and the lack of a bass player and the special talents of Chris`s drumming including special percussion instruments with new tuned cymbals makes it so unique.

This trio including my acoustic piano creates a whole world of new sounds and very interesting tonal and percussive combinations of sound. Also we have new compositions specifically written for this group, but also including my very well know songs like Elm, Zal and Leaving to create a new program of jazz standards original compositions and free atmospheric musical worlds.

This is the first time I have formed a group with such a different colorful instrumentation in three generations – which gives new colors, very dynamic burning pieces and beautiful intimate ballades combined with special arrangements.

Regina was born in Moscow but has been living and working in Germany for ten years. She is a super talented player, improviser and composer. Since the true heart of any good jazz group is the drummer I got my friend Christian Scheuber on drums and special percussion – he is a great dynamic contemporary musician and a sensitive percussionist in the style of Jack de Johnette.

01. Riddles
02. The Last Rhapsody
03. Chris`s House
04. November Sketch Nr. 1-14 November
05. Gaia
06. Rectilinear
07. Transparent Minor
08. November Sketch Nr. 2 - Kolybelanya
09. The Snow Leopard
10. ZAL
11. Faces
12. Footprints
13. November Sketch Nr. 3 - Tuman