Friday, June 23, 2017

Scenes - Destinations (ORIGIN RECORDS 2017)

"After 15 years of performing together, the rapport between the legendary Portland guitarist John Stowell, and Seattlites, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop, has reached such a level of intimacy and connectedness, they transcend the traditional concept of a "guitar trio." Whether performing their intriguing originals or the thoughtful reimaginings of less-done classics, each piece is a ticket to somewhere unique, like a travelogue of where the trio's members have been and where they would like to go. Documented on five albums for Origin Records, their music continually inspires comments from reviewers bordering on the poetic: "Whispers of intelligent messages." Jazz Weekly 

"A long standing guitar trio of Portland/Seattle cross pollination, their sound and vibe only deepens with each outing. A solidly burnished set that stands toe to toe with any modern genre highlight, this is sitting down jazz that gets you standing up and cheering. Smart, angular stuff that'll more than bring out the high tone, up market listener in you." CHRIS SPECTOR, MIDWEST RECORD

1. The Mandy Walk (4:40)
2. Long Prairie (5:18)
3. Solar (6:27)
4. Für Heide (5:25)
5. Pretty Boy Floyd (5:03)
6. T.I.O. (6:34)
7. Psalm (7:15)
8. You And The Night And The Music (6:48)
9. Simple Pleasures (5:55)
10. Tapioca Time (4:27)

Produced by Scenes 
Recorded & mixed by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho, Seattle, WA 
on September 8, 2016 & March 9, 2017 
Mastered by Dan Dean at DDP Studio, Mercer Island, WA 
Cover Art by Rudy Bagozzi 
Photography by Eric Malfait, Carlos Pinto 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop